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E.S.P. TV is a project directed by New York media artists Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie. They utilize a mobile television studio to explore ideas around transmission, analog and digital media, and broadcasting. Through an ongoing series of live television taping events, E.S.P. TV places the control room of the TV studio on center stage, turning the means of production into a vehicle for performance. Reminiscent of early transmission work such as Nam June Paik’s “Global Groove” and touring video projects such as the Videofreex “Media Bus” initiatives, E.S.P. TV continues to investigate the language of television through their practice, and builds a strong network through artist collaborations. From their ongoing efforts, they have amassed an extensive archive detailing these unique explorations of performance, sound and vision. E.S.P. TV has held over 80 live taping events internationally and has aired over 95 episodes to date. They have also recently initiated the TUBE Archive, which seeks to republish works and ephemera from early artist-based engagements with broadcast media.




For this iteration of their broadcast, E.S.P. TV will be collaborating with the following artists:

Arturo Brisindi (Hard Science)


Arturo Brisindi (aka Hard Science) is an artist and musician who performs improvised techno music, creates visuals using a modular video synthesizer, and plays with other vintage video technology.

Ian Birse & Laura Kavanaugh (Instant Places)


As Instant Places, Kavanaugh and Birse have been making performances and installations as a team since 1997. They use hardware and software systems of their own design to present generative installations and performances for gallery and festival settings.

Maayke Schurer


Maayke Schurer’s is an artist and filmmaker whose work specifically focuses on environmental issues. Creating what she calls “real-time magic realism,” Schurer uses hand-made visual techniques, such as filming under water, the use of reflection and miniatures.

Émilie Mouchous


Émilie Mouchous is a sound artist who makes her own electronic instruments. Her explorations in sound and space are characterized by the creation of mini autonomous systems and take multiple forms: radio programs, series of electronic objects, collaborative free improvisation, web art, radio transmission and installations.


The broadcast will also feature a video by:

Chris Mullington


Chris Mullington is a videographer, artist and director known for his innovative style in corporate, broadcast and closed circuit applications. With a background as a video artist, his television work has been featured on such shows as CBC’s This Hour has 22 Minutes, The Health Show, and CBC Sunday. He is currently the creative director of Ottawa production company, “TV Factory.”

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