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Jeudi, janvier 25, 2018 - 12:00
Meredith Snider, Mélanie Myers, Tim I. Smith - Commissaire : Michael Davidge
Samedi, Février 24, 2018 - 19:00
Nouvelles Œuvres par les Membres de SAW Video


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The SAW Video Centre for Media Arts presents an exciting annual program screenings and exhibitions, and is an important contributor to the Ottawa-Gatineau arts scene. Exhibiting artists are regional, Canadian, and from countries around the world and is exhibited at Club SAW, various locations in Ottawa-Gatineau, elsewhere in Canada, and sometimes through exchanges with other countries. The annual program is set by SAW Video’s Programmer in association with the Centre’s Director and programming committee, comprised of SAW Video members, staff and board members.

SAW Video enriches its annual programming with workshops, master classes and artist talks by invited or exhibiting artists, and provides the opportunity for original artistic exploration and creation through an artist residency program.

In its programming, SAW Video seeks to:

  • present a range of dynamic media arts programs to our Ottawa audience;
  • provide exhibition and exchange opportunities for local media artists;
  • collaborate with other local, provincial and national presenting organizations;
  • stimulate and expand the discourse on contemporary video practice.

Artists are encouraged to contact the Centre’s programmer with suggestions for presentations and exhibitions, and can consult the Artist Submission Guidelines for more information. SAW Video’s Programmer can be reached at 613-238-7648 or programming@sawvideo.com.

SAW Video also fosters partnerships and sponsorships in the presentation of exhibitions, screenings and other events, whether those relationships be artistic, institutional, political, geographic, historical or community in nature. Suggestions for collaboration are welcome at any time and may be addressed to the Centre’s Director, Penny McCann, at 613-238-7648 or penny@sawvideo.com.




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