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"ARENA is a study of images and movement. Stark black and white photographs of faces have been airbrushed with colour. They dissolve one into another. The central image is a long boy: Guy. Guy is a deaf mute. As the film progresses, the viewer is exposed to Guy's special world of faces. In Arena, two worlds encounter each other, but the exchange is only visual - a dialogue of silence. Statement: ARENA is an experiment with photographs, adding colour to black and white images through dissolves."
Lois Siegel

est cinéaste, régisseuse de distribution, rédactrice, photographe, professeure et musicienne. Elle vit à Ottawa et est nommée une des 50 meilleures personnes de la ville – « People who are shaping the future of the National Capital », par le magazine Ottawa Life en 2002.
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Orleans, ON
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