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In Motion
IN MOTION is a short experimental video about the pace of life. Originally part of an installation examining the formal conventions of representation of motion, in 1993 it took its present form as a stand alone video. Statement: We exist in a world where both personal and social life are informed, if not constructed, by a vast popular media system which is controlled by a very small group of powerful networks. It is the responsibility of each individual in society to make the media responsive to communal concerns by actively pursuing a critical engagement with media interests. As an artist I feel an obligation to stimulate critical awareness and to create a point of departure for discourse in this area. I personally believe that with the advancement of technology we, as individuals, will have to take a greater interest in the means by which information and ideology are disseminated."
Douglas Von Rosen

- Disponible uniquement en anglais. - A Graduate of the University of Guelph Fine Art program, Doug has been working as a freelance videographer and installation artist since 1992.
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Ottawa, ON
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Video Art

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