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Artist/Director Year Producedsort descending Original Media
Resonance Dino Koutras 1996 An individual's journey through the cold urban landscape armed only with some cigarettes and a camera. Statement: I love making movies. I love film noir. This is an example of my two loves." 16mm
Guy Meilleur- A Portrait Of An Artist Liisa Rissanen 1996 The video gives an overview of the different artistic activities of painter, photographer, educator and musician Guy Meilleur. Hi8
Cream Sauce Susan Terrill 1997 Food and sex. Memory and desire. Sweat and lust. Nature and civilization. All this in seven minutes? All this and more, actually. 16mm
Three Girls Named Sheila Melina Young 1997 Hi8
Bif! Bang! Pow! Anthony Seck 1997 "A trailer for a never released science fiction film, with a self-assembled appliance robot, which rampages through the suburbs, man-eating salad which lurks in the forest, zombie maidens of evil flowers, and Jesus coming back to earth as a divi Betacam
Materia Prima Petunia Alves 1997 An intimate look at Martha Fleming and Lyne Lapointe's work, and more specifically Materia Prima, a project for the abandon garden of an historical landmark in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Betacam
The Chelsea Bridge Tentet Douglas Von Rosen 1997 Chelsea Bridge, under the leadership of John Frayne, is an award winning jazz ensemble that has garnered international acclaim. Their music is on the cutting edge of contemporary jazz. This 30 min. DV
CIBA Chrome Jean Rene 1997 Psychedelic music video. VHS
Club ViviSEXion Rob Thompson 1997 The bizarre two-part story of a young country woman who, thanks to an unusual turn of events, finds herself the owner of a club/brothel in the city. Betacam
61 Days Anthony Seck 1997 A bad night at Motel Hell. A Rocker and a Groupie set themselves up in a room. A loser bank robber, with a million in Chinese yen, out wits a FBI raid by cross-dressing in a hooker's forgotten make up and wardrobe. Video, 16mm
Plug Monique Moumblow 1997 The walls are thin. A young girl plays with plugs. A woman puts her ear next to an electrical socket. Are plugs the portals to another world, or at least to the next apartment? Betacam
Audrey Grey Eyes - Story Of An Artist Liisa Rissanen 1997 An eyewitness story of structural and institutional racism. A Plains Cree girl grows up in a residential school. In spite of the hardships of the school she learns to survive and excel in life by appreciating her cultural background. DV
Nora Caroline Langill 1997 Intra-uterine images of a fetus alternate with close-ups of an infant sucking her mother’s breast in a simple video whose unique strength lies in it's daring to venture into socially-repressed, barely imaginable, yet fully experienced territory. n/a
V.L.T. Karen Guttman 1997 Encased in a giant video lottery terminal, V.L.T explores the impulse to gamble - with one's future. Excerpts of my diary in Alberta are spoken during the period where V.L.T.s were first introduced into the province. VHS
Abandon Bob Hope Kevin Kurytnik 1997 "This film is a bastard satirical mutation comprised primarily of animated collage bits of Gustave Doré's Divine Comedy engravings of the Inferno and those oversize ""how to"" books by Walter Foster and animator Preston Betacam, VHS, 16mm
Sky Light Dan Sokolowski 1998 Real Clouds become tactile animations. 16mm
Sleeping Beauties Sheila Chapman 1998 n/a
Going Back Home (Ni Aqui, Ni Alla) Maria Belisario 1998 A personal reflection on going back to Venezuela and to my family's home-town. n/a
Two Guns And a Hacksaw Jordan Mctavish 1998 In a shady motel, a drug dealer awaits his next shipment. Digital 8
Damned Near Killed Him Tony Asimakopoulos 1998 A poetic montage of images from films I made years ago, revisiting violence and transgression in the form of a confession and prayer. A hit-and-run outburst of dreamy melodrama within a rant within a mystery all wrapped up inside a longing for God. 16mm, Super 8
Neve Andree Prefontaine 1998 "J'ai choisi de traiter des rituels qui ponctuent l'inéluctable quotidien. Je présente successivement deux cycles : le premier, le microrituel du bracelet, et le deuxième, d'un cycle plus long, le rituel du poisson. VHS
Mr Roger's Vacation Jacob Hanna 1998 Using the plainness of Mr. n/a
Brothers Anne Golden 1998 Two lesbian brothers play out a prescribed sleep-work-play existence, but when the evening comes… Betacam
Fire and Ice Dan Sokolowski 1998 A documentary on the 1998 ice storm. 16mm
The Fires Of Joanna Penny McCann 1998 Set in Depression-era Eastern Ontario, THE FIRES OF JOANNA tells the story of a woman struggling to endure a harsh and unforgiving life. 16mm

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