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Artist/Director Year Producedsort ascending Original Media
Jeux Josée Dubeau 2012 Jeux is composed of eight vignettes, in which performers Véronique Guitard and Hugo Gaudet-Dion reinvent the domestic environment in different playful scenarios, culminating in a sequence shot at IKEA in Ottawa. Video
Not Torn (Asunder from the Very Start) Steve Reinke 2010 If I say I dreamt these images and then found them in the archive, it is because I already had the images in my head, but not as memories. Memory and archive are fundamentally opposed, antagonistic. MiniDV
chant (dans les muscules du chant) Suzan Vachon 2010 chant [dans les muscules du chant] primarily uses film archives from the first half of the twentieth century. MiniDV
Library and Archives Canada Public Domain Reels... Ryan Stec & Véronique Couillard 2010 Images of the Canadian industrial landscape melt into one another. Materials are processed and reprocessed through real-time digital tools and meticulously animated sequences. MiniDV
Vortex Gennaro De Pasquale 2010 Vortex is an experimental video that combines fragments of films from different genres (fiction, documentary, reportage, animation, etc.), most of which date from the early-twentieth century. MiniDV
The Beauty Pageant News Sara Angelucci 2010 The theme of beauty pageants as my subject for the Public Domain project came about through several search tangents. I kept coming back to the idea of missing women, of women lost in the archive. MiniDV
Beyond the Pale Maureen Bradley 2010 How do you recreate an un-documented past? MiniDV
The Story of Apanatschi and Her Redheaded Wrestler Ehren “Bear Witness” Thomas 2008 The same kind of stereotypes exist in video games as they do in TV and film. In the case of fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken, the characters’ fighting styles are generally determined by their race. Video
Spacemen, Go-Go Girls And The True Meaning Of Christmas Brett Kelly 2007 "Uranus is in trouble! A war with Jupiter is leaving the planets source of fuel in short supply. Its fuel-mistletoe! Aliens from Uranus come to earth to steal its supply of mistletoe. Hi8
dead end job Ryan Stec 2004 dead end job was created using a surveillance camera system connected to a digital video mixer. Video
Shock and Awe Don Monet 2003 The start of the war in Iraq – Shock and Awe is Rumsfeld’s metaphor – we watch from televisions in the snow in the spaces through our windows you can see the changes in light and texture on the walls – the television reconstituted as flashes of colou Super 8
The Fix Theshlen Naidoo 2003 The is a story about money, deception, and pleasure. Caesar, a wealthy organized crime boss loses a hundred grand to two deceitful spanish streetfighters. Roscoe, the gangster who rigged the fight, is held responsible for Caesar’s loss. DV, Hi8
Beauty Nathan Saliwonchyk 2003 Video, Film
Ring Of Vision Claudia Jurt 2003 A doorway to the past is opened when the ring of vision is found. A group of friends use the magic ring to search for the reason behind Aunt Chloe's deep depression. DV
Battlefield Jef Harris 2003 Industrial music video. DV
The Games We Play Steve Mccutchen 2003 Four friends, each representing a different aspect of society, get together one night to partake in the ultimate game of world domination - war - by means of their favorite board game, Risk ®. DV
State of the Union Marc Adornato 2003 "On September 20th, 2001, George W. Bush gave a 45 minute 'State of the Union' speech live on television which contained 33 standing ovations. DV
02-02-02 Penny McCann 2003 February 2nd, 2002 was an auspicious day - a rare celestial palindrome. On this day, her birthday, the artist examines signs and omens, attempting to divine the future. Hi8, Super 8
Billy Rob Thompson 2003 Two women get together for a cup of tea, but their conversation quickly descends into a confrontation of their deepest fears. MiniDV
J'Decroche - Do Not Disturb Chantal Dahan 2003 I take the phone off the hook. The answering machine takes the incoming messages. I'm taking a bath with my rubber ducky. I decompress. I'm in my own bubble. DV
Available Light Anatoly Ignatiev 2003 A Gaze is equally important, if not more, than an Action. What do you see? A sewage collector, a falling leaf, a ray of steam… This short video was born as a videography reel. MiniDV
Shafig Madi Mohammed 2002 Mahamme Shafig, an exiled writer from Morocco, has never given an interview in his life. I got to him through his sons in his home in Belgium. The interview is about his life as an exiled scholar and his childhood memories. DV
Murmur Miriam Sampaio 2002 In 1998 for the first time as an adult I traveled to my birthplace of my parents in Portugal. MiniDV
Red Bull Marc Adornato 2002 Marc, Dave, and Matt got all dosed up on American Red Bull energy drinks, and moved some furniture. Statement: Created with the help of SAW Video JumpstArt Grant, this video was an experimental doc of myself and David Wilkinson helping Matt DV
Existence Nathan Saliwonchyk 2002 "EXISTENCE is (surprisingly) about the idea of existence, it's silliness and the absurdity of being. A solitary character exists in a state of purgatory, unreality, yet almost autisticly oblivious to his world. Video, Film

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