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Artist/Director Year Producedsort ascending Original Media
Two Thieves Maliha Hamidee 2002 The crime spree of two bumbling thieves comes to an abrupt end and a dilemma. Statement: My first experimentation in the dramatic genre." MiniDV
Dear Potato Chip Lover John Boehme 2002 This Performance has a seething quality of fascistic advertising which infiltrates all elements of North American society only maybe not as obviously. n/a
The Clone Show Marc Adornato 2002 Host- Marc Adornato interviews his clone, and get into a personal heated argument w/ his clone (played also by Marc Adornato). DV
La Séduction Luc Desjardins 2002 A twisted and paradoxical look at seduction. This video contains a Fellini film sequence featuring delirious bare-breasted prostitutes. it is not at all for kids. VHS
Remix: POW Neill Petersen 2002 "Description: With clips from an episode of The National on CBC I made a short ""video collage"". Did you know that I tied for third place in the event with Riley Rempel? VHS
American Sandwich Jillian Mcdonald 2002 "A split (into 4) screen performative video where I eat as much as possible of WonderBread, bologna, Kraft singles, and iceberg lettuce, until in some cases I get sick. MiniDV
Dais John Boehme 2002 An Inter-Media project that combines video projection with live performance as well as incorporating theatrical lighting and time based construction. n/a
Down To The Graveyard Deniz Berkin 2002 "How do the dead mourn?? Statement: I wanted to do something a little gothic and mysterious." Super 8
Mabus Trailer Marc Adornato 2002 "This is a trailer of a long-term, muti-segment series of shorts that are still in production today! Mabus: Leader of the 'None of the Above' Party, is a Pro-Cloning Canadian Politician, who uses propeganda and g DV
The Walk Home Michael Clowater 2002 A man leaves his office on a Friday after work. it's a beautiful day and he decides to break from his regular routine of the subway and walk home instead. 16mm, Super 8
Operation: Lait Jean Rene 2002 A secret spy cat is planning a mission on her master. VHS
Remix: Opening Véronique Couillard 2002 Everything is familiar, nothing is at the right speed. DV
Tunnels Jamie Bruni 2002 TUNNELS is a stereotypical view of life at Carleton University that takes place in real time. It is a journey from residence to an exam room on the other side of campus and what happens along the way. DV
E-phem-e-ron Maral Mohammadian 2002 Delve into the frenzied psyche of a porcelain doll. DV
Thirsty Claudia Jurt 2002 One long year has passed since 15 year old Ashleigh Burns went missing. Police have given up the search, leaving Ashleigh's best friends to solve the mystery themselves. n/a
Remix: Knee Jerk Religion Riley Rempel 2002 Remixing one hour of CBC's THE NATIONAL. VHS
Live In Infamy Jillian Mcdonald 2002 Footage shot from my doorstep of the tip of the Twin Towers burning slides behind large poppies which rise to cover them. n/a
Me And Billy Bob Jillian Mcdonald 2002 An ongoing series of short videos where I have inserted my own footage into scenes from Billy Bob Thornton movies, where he (and I) exchange glances, winks, smiles, tears, and even a kiss. MiniDV
Next! Fortunée Shugar 2002 A group of unsuspecting cartoon characters audition for a role in "Urban Jungle". Having been rejected in favour of the 'perfect' candidate, Seymour, the animals realize that this urban jungle is not what they thought. DV
Chrome And Thunder Thomas Mann 2002 A point-of-view expose of Ontario Harley Davidson riders, including police, professionals, women & clubs. Statement: I was angered by the climate of fear being generated about bike clubs. DV
X (trace) Phil Rose 2002 X (TRACE), STUDIES FOR A SELF-PORTRAIT is a ""motion painting"", a single-channel video or continuous loop installation which takes Francis Bacon's self-portraits as the starting point for a series of hand processed film exp Video, Super 8
CS Series Photo Shoot Jef Harris 2002 A behind the scenes look at the CS Series photo shoot. DV
Music for Drinking Riley Rempel 2002 DV
Robot Sapien Jean Rene 2002 Artistic video of robotic life: A women buys a male robot for domestic work. n/a
In a Silent Way Madi Mohammed 2002 An homage to the disappearing ritual of film projection. Technologies of past and present collide, make love and salute each other as the digital replaces the mechanical. DV

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