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Artist/Director Year Producedsort ascending Original Media
Thirsty Claudia Jurt 2002 One long year has passed since 15 year old Ashleigh Burns went missing. Police have given up the search, leaving Ashleigh's best friends to solve the mystery themselves. n/a
CS Series Photo Shoot Jef Harris 2002 A behind the scenes look at the CS Series photo shoot. DV
Next! Fortunée Shugar 2002 A group of unsuspecting cartoon characters audition for a role in "Urban Jungle". Having been rejected in favour of the 'perfect' candidate, Seymour, the animals realize that this urban jungle is not what they thought. DV
Chrome And Thunder Thomas Mann 2002 A point-of-view expose of Ontario Harley Davidson riders, including police, professionals, women & clubs. Statement: I was angered by the climate of fear being generated about bike clubs. DV
X (trace) Phil Rose 2002 X (TRACE), STUDIES FOR A SELF-PORTRAIT is a ""motion painting"", a single-channel video or continuous loop installation which takes Francis Bacon's self-portraits as the starting point for a series of hand processed film exp Video, Super 8
In a Silent Way Madi Mohammed 2002 An homage to the disappearing ritual of film projection. Technologies of past and present collide, make love and salute each other as the digital replaces the mechanical. DV
Mère/Archives/Furrures Luc Desjardins 2002 Ingredients: One mother, archives and some fur. VHS
Music for Drinking Riley Rempel 2002 DV
Robot Sapien Jean Rene 2002 Artistic video of robotic life: A women buys a male robot for domestic work. n/a
Remix: Affirmative Chris Anderson 2002 A one hour episode of CBC's The National remixed. VHS
Gatineau Luc Desjardins 2002 Ingredients: Gatineau, drag queens and a sad song. VHS
In(328) Other Words Jillian Mcdonald 2002 MiniDV
Grachek-A Russian Clown in Carlton Place Anthony Seck 2002 Decades spent in the Russian circus boil down to a brief moment in a trailer in Hicksville, Ontario. Enter the world of organised crime in the Russian Circus. MiniDV
Tapette!!! Luc Desjardins 2002 A paradoxical and poetic look at manifestations of a non-traditional sexuality within a traditional French Canadian family. VHS
Tasty 168 Solid Firuz Daud 2002 Life isn’t easy for any seventeen year old girl, but Strawberry Milk has it rough. She’s one of the leaders at the military institution BAR, but the dRINkS in her squad would rather compete in beauty pageants and cheerlead than fight evil. DV
Josh Erin Brophy 2002 One of the many kids you see on the streets. Getting into trouble, getting out of it. Josh had a couple of things to say. DV
DJ S Mongrel Jef Harris 2002 A fan video for DJ Shadow. DV
The Wind Between My Ears Carol Beecher 2002 An inside look at viewing popular culture. 16mm
Oral Currency John Boehme 2002 This performance/installation was comprised of an entire Loan Office including custom designed loan application Withdrawl and Deposit slips, business cards and pens, all of which reify Language or oral tradition. n/a
Apple Of My Eye Fortunée Shugar 2002 As the apple rolls out it tells the story of a love half a lifetime ago, relived but for a moment. DV
Betty Swollox André Coutu 2002 Simple plan. Simple disguise. A true story of misinformation and robbery gone awry. DV
La Danse Luc Desjardins 2002 A paradoxical and poetic look at cross-cultural manifestations. VHS
Animating Mr. Saint John Connell Smith 2002 Animating Mr. Saint John is part doc/part mock. It asks what would happen if Loyalist Man truly represented the personality of his city. DV
Riley's Charity Ranch Riley Rempel 2002 "Description: Stuck with an excess of fame and money, pop star Riley Rempel attempts to diminish her feelings of guilt by opening a ranch for underpriviliged children. DV
Nightmare Nathan Saliwonchyk 2002 "NIGHTMARE is a purely emotional and somatic work of image and sound. Video, Film

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