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The Villains Anthology Josh Stafford 1999 Betacam
The Toilet Suite Carl Stewart 1999 Set in a washroom, THE TOILET SUITE is a funny look at the intersection of public and queer space. A series of washroom encounters between men looking for sex are punctuated by show tunes and disco songs. Betacam
The Story of Apanatschi and Her Redheaded Wrestler Ehren “Bear Witness” Thomas 2008 The same kind of stereotypes exist in video games as they do in TV and film. In the case of fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken, the characters’ fighting styles are generally determined by their race. Video
The Sisters Penny McCann 1993 "Etched on a gravestone are the stark facts: three sisters who drowned on the same summer day in 1917. A present-day woman discovers the gravestone and is compelled to uncover the story of the events of their deaths. Betacam
The Magic Paintbrush Vivien Tytor 1999 This video relates to the theme of fluidity as a visual metaphor and identify since the artist is evident both from behind and in front of the images. The painting starts with a name, an identity, which is then filled in with paint. VHS
The Lims Live In Ottawa Melina Young 1996 George Lim arrived as a young man in 1913 in Ottawa. He lived there the rest of his life except for visits to China. Hi8
The Lady of Shalott Lara Fitzgerald 1996 THE LADY OF SHALOTT reinterprets Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem of the same title in a contemporary setting: the bored Lady sits in her highrise apartment writing pulp romance while Sir Lancelot wearing black leather, dark sunglasses and a woollen Hi8
The Knit Club Pauline Kaill 2001 Five university students meet in Halifax for their weekly knitting club. From seeing scenes from their past we begin to understand their choices and actions in the present. Video
The Invisible Couples Conversation…. Natasha Malakhova 2000 The couple are talking about life and love. It's just beautiful. Hi8
The Inner Wedding Deborah Chapman 1988 The Inner Wedding is a snapshot of a very ordinary woman's life. Shot from her point of view, it shows how the rituals and crisis of daily life seep and are absorbed into our psyche. 3/4"
The Golem Of Socks Gerald Saul 1994 In this puppet video, a golem is sewn together out of socks and sent to maintain society's status quo. Video
The Games We Play Steve Mccutchen 2003 Four friends, each representing a different aspect of society, get together one night to partake in the ultimate game of world domination - war - by means of their favorite board game, Risk ®. DV
The Fix Theshlen Naidoo 2003 The is a story about money, deception, and pleasure. Caesar, a wealthy organized crime boss loses a hundred grand to two deceitful spanish streetfighters. Roscoe, the gangster who rigged the fight, is held responsible for Caesar’s loss. DV, Hi8
The Fires Of Joanna Penny McCann 1998 Set in Depression-era Eastern Ontario, THE FIRES OF JOANNA tells the story of a woman struggling to endure a harsh and unforgiving life. 16mm
The Darkness Of My Language II Sylvana Afram 1988 The artist was inspired to produce this tape after an extended visit to Montreal. It is a schizophrenic journey into the limitations of language and into the crossing of the borders of communication, culture and the mind through trilingualism. 3/4"
The Clone Show Marc Adornato 2002 Host- Marc Adornato interviews his clone, and get into a personal heated argument w/ his clone (played also by Marc Adornato). DV
The Circle Cycle C.J. Fleury 1983 A skated performance piece exploring the passage from tradition to experiment through the choreography and sound. VHS
The Chelsea Bridge Tentet Douglas Von Rosen 1997 Chelsea Bridge, under the leadership of John Frayne, is an award winning jazz ensemble that has garnered international acclaim. Their music is on the cutting edge of contemporary jazz. This 30 min. DV
The Blob Jubal Brown 2000 Paranoid science fiction obsessing over the omnipresence of television and radio waves, wireless communications… in our very midst, in us and around us. DV
The Beauty Pageant News Sara Angelucci 2010 The theme of beauty pageants as my subject for the Public Domain project came about through several search tangents. I kept coming back to the idea of missing women, of women lost in the archive. MiniDV
The Army Of Mabus Marc Adornato 2001 Mabus clones himself in an attempt to conquer the world. DV
Thanks Michel (Homage to Michel) Marc Adornato 2001 From ancient prophets to modern sci-fi writers, this video montage shows a brief overview of the present technological revolution; science fiction becomes science fact. Statement: This remix / scratch video explores American Media culture DV
Terra Terra Chantal Dahan 2000 "A story narrated by my uncle who takes us on a journey into the country of his birth, the ex French colony of Algeria and his Sefaradim cultural roots. VHS
Tendencies Jordan Mctavish 2001 An egoist, a religious zealot and an addict meet in a park and wax philosophical. Digital 8
Telepathy John Mark Seck 1995 An unlikely group posing as everything from superheroes to computer viruses gathers in an internet chat room. As the discussion heats up the participants are left wondering what is truth and what is fiction. 3/4"

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