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The Sisters Penny McCann 1993 "Etched on a gravestone are the stark facts: three sisters who drowned on the same summer day in 1917. A present-day woman discovers the gravestone and is compelled to uncover the story of the events of their deaths. Betacam
Stars In My Eyes Yvon Villarceau 1993 The first of the fictional ""Vovo Kingdom"" series of therapeutic videos in which Dr. Dotolulu suggests trancendental ways to get over the breakup of a love affair, while still remaining friends. n/a
Work To Live Donna James 1993 Work to Live, is a one minute video tape uses the oral tradition to highlight three women's shared work experience in Canada and Jamaica. It was a commissioned video tape that was produced for the Toronto MAYWORKS Festival of Labour in 1993. n/a
By Myself Cristina Usubiaga 1994 By Myself is a tale of a young boy who embarks on a journey through a man's public washroom on his own. In light of today's changing world of single families and urban fears, this small step towards independence takes on more significance. 16mm
Reserve Dogs Joseph Dandurand 1994 n/a
The Golem Of Socks Gerald Saul 1994 In this puppet video, a golem is sewn together out of socks and sent to maintain society's status quo. Video
Spick And Span Rob Thompson 1994 Armed with a bucket of cleaning utensils and a pragmatic approach to life, Jane, the hero of this dark comedy, attempts to scrub away the blood and guilt that’s left behind from a grisly suicide. Betacam
Shore Lines Dan Sokolowski 1994 Three sculptures interact through composition and editing. 16mm
Telepathy John Mark Seck 1995 An unlikely group posing as everything from superheroes to computer viruses gathers in an internet chat room. As the discussion heats up the participants are left wondering what is truth and what is fiction. 3/4"
Weaving Words Eve Haque 1995 "This video attempts to interrogate how one can ""language"" the effective realm of marginalisation, exclusion and alienation that are the legacy of transnational migration into white settler nation space. DV, Hi8
Frames Of Reference John Mark Seck 1995 Originally conceived as a live performance piece for two musicians (flute and double base). 3/4", Hi8
Celebration Of Life (River Of Fire fest.) Douglas Von Rosen 1995 3/4", Hi8
Witches Way (Magic, Coming Soon) Wendy De Mos 1995 Using dance to capture the excitement/energy of a percussive driven song called MAGIC, COMING SOON. Hi8
Blason Anatomique Carol Breton 1996 BLASON ANATOMIQUE is a video blasons - a eulogy to the male torso. Hi8
L'a Tribu(t) Andree Prefontaine 1996 "Le fait de capter des images et des sons d'insectes pour illustrer des analogies sonores humains / non-humains amène à considérer l'unité profonde des êtres qui transparaît ici via la manipulation des sons. VHS
Jiggs Dinner Darryl Dinn 1996 BACK HOME is an on-line cultural magazine show about Newfoundland & Labrador. Betacam
Nice Shoes Faggot Carl Stewart 1996 Altering between black and white, past and present, dreaming and waking, NICE SHOES FAGGOT is an eerie and evocative exploration of homophobic violence and its psychological effects. Super 8
Straighten Up Susan Terrill 1996 A short, bloody tale of a girl's fantasies, featuring a shifty wolf, a convertible, a large hockey player, and his progeny. DV
Ca Pas De Bon Sang Jean Rene 1996 A funny twist on a vampires theme. n/a
Your Absence Shahin Parhami 1996 A video poem concerned with race and gender issues. Images from monuments in Ottawa, locations and activities around Parliament - Canada Day, Gay Pride and Carrabana Festival - play with poem narrative. Hi8
Shopping Melina Young 1996 Music: Doris Au, Techno Step, Techno Brat. Statement: ""...Tranquillity of the suburbs silences those who don't fit in. Hi8
The Lady of Shalott Lara Fitzgerald 1996 THE LADY OF SHALOTT reinterprets Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem of the same title in a contemporary setting: the bored Lady sits in her highrise apartment writing pulp romance while Sir Lancelot wearing black leather, dark sunglasses and a woollen Hi8
The Lims Live In Ottawa Melina Young 1996 George Lim arrived as a young man in 1913 in Ottawa. He lived there the rest of his life except for visits to China. Hi8
Pieces Of Her Become You Marika Jemma 1996 "A lyrical rendering of a ‘Day in the Life’ of a lesbian couple & their cats. Discusses some of the stresses both internal & external that impact on the formation, dynamics & longevity of lesbian relationships. VHS, Hi8
Resonance Dino Koutras 1996 An individual's journey through the cold urban landscape armed only with some cigarettes and a camera. Statement: I love making movies. I love film noir. This is an example of my two loves." 16mm

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