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Artist/Director Year Producedsort ascending Original Media
The Wind Between My Ears Carol Beecher 2002 An inside look at viewing popular culture. 16mm
La Danse Luc Desjardins 2002 A paradoxical and poetic look at cross-cultural manifestations. VHS
Animating Mr. Saint John Connell Smith 2002 Animating Mr. Saint John is part doc/part mock. It asks what would happen if Loyalist Man truly represented the personality of his city. DV
Betty Swollox André Coutu 2002 Simple plan. Simple disguise. A true story of misinformation and robbery gone awry. DV
Rebirth Marc Adornato 2002 Shot, edited and produced within 24 hours, this short segment concieved by David Wilkinson, and co-written/directed by Adornato, features Adornato's performance characters, Mabus and Sirus. DV
Kanata Flag Day Greg Hill 2002 KANATA FLAG DAY is a video that is part of the Kanata Project. The Kanata Project is about the creation of a new identity for Canada through the replacement of all visual symbols with Kanata ones. DV
Riley's Charity Ranch Riley Rempel 2002 "Description: Stuck with an excess of fame and money, pop star Riley Rempel attempts to diminish her feelings of guilt by opening a ranch for underpriviliged children. DV
Nightmare Nathan Saliwonchyk 2002 "NIGHTMARE is a purely emotional and somatic work of image and sound. Video, Film
Fore Mien John Boehme 2002 n/a
Lunch Jordan Mctavish 2002 A man discusses the finer points of infestation with his parasite while making a soup & sandwich. Statement: Minimalist, maximalst style, maximalist dialogue." Digital 8
Garden Of Dreams Fortunée Shugar 2002 Is it a dream within a garden or a garden within a dream? Gardens have a magical way of rejuvenating us, giving us hope. DV
Instant Yolk Topping Erin Brophy 2002 A spoof on the infomercial genre, including an original product and a loveable sales pitch. DV
Angel In The House Caroline Langill 2002 In this tape, a woman comes to terms with her own conflicted feelings while dealing with her angry child. Betacam, Hi8
Chorégraphie Luc Desjardins 2002 A paradoxical and absurd look at artifice (the moulin rouge) versus real life (taking out the trash). VHS
Afghani Culture Maliha Hamidee 2002 About Afghani culture, clothes, Ramadan, Eid Celebration, wedding parties, engagement and music. Statement: For others to become aware of Afghani culture, religion, celebrations and fashion." DV
Bridefest 2002 Mark Mckay 2002 BRIDEFEST 2002 is a celebration of weddings, brides, fun and good times. On September 21, 2002 nine women who were married from 1 week to 11 years ago came together at the arboretum in Ottawa. This video reflects what went on that day. Hi8
G8? Marc Adornato 2002 From the award-winning pilot TV show, 'CLONE TV', comes a post 9-11 satirical segment featuring 'Mabus and Sirus' (Marc Adornato and David Wilkinson) who hi-jack the G8 Protest in Ottawa to raise awareness of the moral and ethica DV
Shafig Madi Mohammed 2002 Mahamme Shafig, an exiled writer from Morocco, has never given an interview in his life. I got to him through his sons in his home in Belgium. The interview is about his life as an exiled scholar and his childhood memories. DV
Murmur Miriam Sampaio 2002 In 1998 for the first time as an adult I traveled to my birthplace of my parents in Portugal. MiniDV
Red Bull Marc Adornato 2002 Marc, Dave, and Matt got all dosed up on American Red Bull energy drinks, and moved some furniture. Statement: Created with the help of SAW Video JumpstArt Grant, this video was an experimental doc of myself and David Wilkinson helping Matt DV
Existence Nathan Saliwonchyk 2002 "EXISTENCE is (surprisingly) about the idea of existence, it's silliness and the absurdity of being. A solitary character exists in a state of purgatory, unreality, yet almost autisticly oblivious to his world. Video, Film
Dear Potato Chip Lover John Boehme 2002 This Performance has a seething quality of fascistic advertising which infiltrates all elements of North American society only maybe not as obviously. n/a
La Grange Guillault Leigh Nunan 2002 When a young Black urbanite finds herself transplanted to an isolated old farmhouse in rural Canada she is greeted with fear and anger. DV
Scale Sean Butler 2002 "Johnass sets out to conquer the mountain but when he gets to the top realizes it is only a big anthill." Betacam
Yousef Dwik Madi Mohammed 2002 An interview with the Palistinian born artist Yousef Dwik. The interview and art exhibit is about his art work. Statement: I have long considered the creative impulse to be a thing of grace." DV

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