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Contribution Jan Jakobiac 2000 Contribution is an experimental documentary about Xu Kuan, an artist in rural China. Xu Kuan runs a sculpture workshop in Yunnan province and is attempting to break into the international circuit. DV
Corridor Josee Dubeau 2000 Hi8
Cream Sauce Susan Terrill 1997 Food and sex. Memory and desire. Sweat and lust. Nature and civilization. All this in seven minutes? All this and more, actually. 16mm
CS Series Photo Shoot Jef Harris 2002 A behind the scenes look at the CS Series photo shoot. DV
Dais John Boehme 2002 An Inter-Media project that combines video projection with live performance as well as incorporating theatrical lighting and time based construction. n/a
Damned Near Killed Him Tony Asimakopoulos 1998 A poetic montage of images from films I made years ago, revisiting violence and transgression in the form of a confession and prayer. A hit-and-run outburst of dreamy melodrama within a rant within a mystery all wrapped up inside a longing for God. 16mm, Super 8
Daylight Comes (and I Want to Go Home) Firuz Daud 2000 Two young university students decide to document the weird stuff that happens at night. What they find is shocking. “A triumph” raves Brad Abrahams, the other guy who made this. DV
dead end job Ryan Stec 2004 dead end job was created using a surveillance camera system connected to a digital video mixer. Video
Dear Potato Chip Lover John Boehme 2002 This Performance has a seething quality of fascistic advertising which infiltrates all elements of North American society only maybe not as obviously. n/a
Derailleur Rob Thompson 2000 As an urban dweller, the city was making me sick at heart. So one day I leapt on my bike and discovered the Experimental Farm. There I could watch the duckies and pet the cowies, and wander beneath ancient treeies. MiniDV
Dialogue Of An Ancient Fog Lois Siegel 1978 "This film is an account of a man without qualities. He's the leftover face in the crowd who collects images, the unwanted images discarded by people without even a glance. 16mm
Diary Of A Neo-Fascist Rob Thompson 1992 Drawn to the charismatic leader of a neo-fascist gang, a young woman reveals, through her diary, her descent into political and emotional seclusion. n/a
Dino Sores Douglas Von Rosen 1996 DINO SORES is a bright colourful claymation about two groups of three dinosaurs. There are the nice, happy, contented dinosaurs on one side of the fence and the self absorbed, junk-eating messy dinosaurs on the other. DV
Distorted Daisies Kerry Campbell 2001 2 girls have a pillow fight. VHS
DJ S Mongrel Jef Harris 2002 A fan video for DJ Shadow. DV
Double Nena Toth 1979 Parallel stories. When a double takes the life of an original. 16mm
Down To The Graveyard Deniz Berkin 2002 "How do the dead mourn?? Statement: I wanted to do something a little gothic and mysterious." Super 8
Droit Au Coeur Angèle Gagnon 2000 n/a
Du noir, Une impulsion lumineuse Angèle Gagnon 1992 3/4"
Duet Karen Guttman 1999 DUET is a rhythmic dance between myself and my distorted image, between the camera and the doorknob, between the real and the feeling… VHS
E-phem-e-ron Maral Mohammadian 2002 Delve into the frenzied psyche of a porcelain doll. DV
Emballage Tim Dallett 1999 Presented as part of Detonator, at SAW Gallery, a performance ensemble that drew out and magnified the minutia of the everyday, this video art piece celebrates the spirit of ""live architecture"" as it was captured in the bridge o Hi8
Eulogy Penny McCann 1992 This experimental video is a poetic evocation of ships and journeys, of absence and loss. In a gently lyrical manner, EULOGY reveals the nature of grief and the passage through illness to death and remembrance. 3/4"
Evolution Marc Adornato 2001 "An experimental remix of found-footage depicting the history of planet Earth, and the evolution of the human species. DV
Existence Nathan Saliwonchyk 2002 "EXISTENCE is (surprisingly) about the idea of existence, it's silliness and the absurdity of being. A solitary character exists in a state of purgatory, unreality, yet almost autisticly oblivious to his world. Video, Film

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