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Teleculture the Teleculture Chris Mullington 1983 Willoughby Sharp visited SAW Gallery in 1983. This flamboyant New Yorker was a denizen of Andy Warhol’s Factory scene before becoming a prophet of telecommunications and satellite technology. He was interviewed by David Peat for CBCTelevision. 3/4"
Tears For Susan Anthony Seck 2001 A little film about maple syrup by a small group of Croation filmmakers. n/a
Tasty 168 Solid Firuz Daud 2002 Life isn’t easy for any seventeen year old girl, but Strawberry Milk has it rough. She’s one of the leaders at the military institution BAR, but the dRINkS in her squad would rather compete in beauty pageants and cheerlead than fight evil. DV
Tapette!!! Luc Desjardins 2002 A paradoxical and poetic look at manifestations of a non-traditional sexuality within a traditional French Canadian family. VHS
Swan Song Phil Rose 2001 A short clip of a swan is repeated and increasingly slowed down. In the process the image, the swan, breaks down. Short sentences reflect on the encounter. The swan song of a swan’s image Hi8
Stravaig / Errance Nikki Forrest 1999 An experimental portrait of a place, Scotland. You are looking for something. What you find is something else. STRAVAIG-ERRANCE (Gaelic for wandering) is techno tourism of a personal nature. Forrest visits a Scotland that only she may show us. Betacam
Straighten Up Susan Terrill 1996 A short, bloody tale of a girl's fantasies, featuring a shifty wolf, a convertible, a large hockey player, and his progeny. DV
Still Life Dan Sokolowski 1991 Driftwood images through a day. 16mm
State of the Union Marc Adornato 2003 "On September 20th, 2001, George W. Bush gave a 45 minute 'State of the Union' speech live on television which contained 33 standing ovations. DV
Stars In My Eyes Yvon Villarceau 1993 The first of the fictional ""Vovo Kingdom"" series of therapeutic videos in which Dr. Dotolulu suggests trancendental ways to get over the breakup of a love affair, while still remaining friends. n/a
Spirits of an Amber Past Ramona Macdonald 1978 Lithuanian folk art in Canada as practiced on the grounds of the artists Antanas and Anastasia Tamosaitis. 16mm
Spick And Span Rob Thompson 1994 Armed with a bucket of cleaning utensils and a pragmatic approach to life, Jane, the hero of this dark comedy, attempts to scrub away the blood and guilt that’s left behind from a grisly suicide. Betacam
Spectrum in White Lois Siegel 1971 SPECTRUM IN WHITE is an unusual film of colour and transformations and optical illusions. Pure graphics are scratched directly on the film surface. This combination of images and sound was created for a mixed media spectacle. 16mm
Spacemen, Go-Go Girls And The True Meaning Of Christmas Brett Kelly 2007 "Uranus is in trouble! A war with Jupiter is leaving the planets source of fuel in short supply. Its fuel-mistletoe! Aliens from Uranus come to earth to steal its supply of mistletoe. Hi8
Spacemen, Go-Go Girls And The Great Easter Hunt Brett Kelly 2001 The Easter bunny has been kidnapped. Its up to 2 aliens from Uranus and 3 go-go dancers to save the day. A parody of 50s sci-fi trailers. Hi8
Songs You Can Never Play Live Marc Adornato 2002 "From the award-winning pilot TV show, 'CLONE TV', comes a ridiculous experimental segment not to be missed. DV
Solitude, Lonliness, Desolation Chris Ikonomopoulos 2001 The visuals of desperations. Statement: As free editing time was running out, this was produced." Betacam
Solitude Lois Siegel 1978 "SOLITUDE is a film about the nature of the individual in the world as he moves from one space to another, shadowed by structures. The medium is film and dance, but the film is not specifically a dance film. 16mm
Sleeping Beauties Sheila Chapman 1998 n/a
Sky Light Dan Sokolowski 1998 Real Clouds become tactile animations. 16mm
Shore Lines Dan Sokolowski 1994 Three sculptures interact through composition and editing. 16mm
Shopping Melina Young 1996 Music: Doris Au, Techno Step, Techno Brat. Statement: ""...Tranquillity of the suburbs silences those who don't fit in. Hi8
Shock and Awe Don Monet 2003 The start of the war in Iraq – Shock and Awe is Rumsfeld’s metaphor – we watch from televisions in the snow in the spaces through our windows you can see the changes in light and texture on the walls – the television reconstituted as flashes of colou Super 8
Shared Visions Liisa Rissanen 1981 Features two female painters and their paintings. n/a
Shafig Madi Mohammed 2002 Mahamme Shafig, an exiled writer from Morocco, has never given an interview in his life. I got to him through his sons in his home in Belgium. The interview is about his life as an exiled scholar and his childhood memories. DV

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