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Faces Lois Siegel 1976 "FACES is a film composed entirely of photographs. Still photographs are re-filmed with a 16mm camera, and transitions from one to the next are completed through dissolves in the camera. The images are faces. 16mm
Femme d'Intérieur Angèle Gagnon 1992 n/a
Femmes de Rêves Louise Gendnon 1979 3/4"
Fire and Ice Dan Sokolowski 1998 A documentary on the 1998 ice storm. 16mm
Fish Bait Anthony Seck 1998 Subtitled. Music by Anthony Seck and Tricky Woo. 16mm
Fore Mien John Boehme 2002 n/a
Frames Of Reference John Mark Seck 1995 Originally conceived as a live performance piece for two musicians (flute and double base). 3/4", Hi8
From Here Jordan Mctavish 2001 Broken into three segments, this visual essay asks important environmental, personal and social questions of a variety of Ottawa citizens immediately after 9/11/2001. Statement: Post 9/11, I was curious how people's lives were affecte Digital 8
G8? Marc Adornato 2002 From the award-winning pilot TV show, 'CLONE TV', comes a post 9-11 satirical segment featuring 'Mabus and Sirus' (Marc Adornato and David Wilkinson) who hi-jack the G8 Protest in Ottawa to raise awareness of the moral and ethica DV
Gabosh Anatoly Ignatiev 1998 This story takes place between 1989 and 1997, telling us about optimism and an unexpected fate. A child who was born to the family of a Russian actress and a medical student in 1989 in Moscow turns out to be one in ten thousand. Hi8
Garden Of Dreams Fortunée Shugar 2002 Is it a dream within a garden or a garden within a dream? Gardens have a magical way of rejuvenating us, giving us hope. DV
Gatineau Luc Desjardins 2002 Ingredients: Gatineau, drag queens and a sad song. VHS
Genetic Experiments Marc Adornato 2000 8 portraits of genetic engineering experiments. DV
God's Island Ramona Macdonald 1983 History of PEI through paintings and reminiscences of a folk artist. The film has been screened at the National Gallery, BBC-2, CBC and has theatrical distribution in England. 16mm
Going Back Home (Ni Aqui, Ni Alla) Maria Belisario 1998 A personal reflection on going back to Venezuela and to my family's home-town. n/a
Grachek-A Russian Clown in Carlton Place Anthony Seck 2002 Decades spent in the Russian circus boil down to a brief moment in a trailer in Hicksville, Ontario. Enter the world of organised crime in the Russian Circus. MiniDV
Guy Meilleur- A Portrait Of An Artist Liisa Rissanen 1996 The video gives an overview of the different artistic activities of painter, photographer, educator and musician Guy Meilleur. Hi8
Harry Knuckles And the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy Lee Demarbe 1998 Lee Demarbre's directorial debut finds Special Agent Spanish Fly taking a hands-on approach to the most important case of his life in this kung-fu action trailer. 16mm
Hello Ingmar Gunilla Josephson 2000 For three decades he stood at the dizzing heights of world kino, his name synonymous with the term art movie. But who would ever imagine finding a home in Ingmar Bergman's psycho-nightmares? Gunilla, that’s who. DV
Helpless Penny McCann 2001 Based on a Nova Scotian folk tale, HELPLESS is a short dramatic film set in a fogbound world of superstition and magic. Betacam, 16mm
Human Bytes Sandra Hawkins 2000 "The content of this video relates to the idea that contemporary digital technology, while offering seductive material, benefits in contributing to a limited two dimensional image of who we are as human beings. DV
Hyperemotional Riley Rempel 2000 Hyperemotional is what happens when SAW Video gives a musician a microphone, a camera, and some free editing time. Hi8
Iconoclaste Luc Desjardins 2001 In my basement apartment, Eminem and some right-winger get makeovers to the music of Jacques Brel and George Brassens VHS
Icopa Thomas Mann 2001 A brief overview of The International Conference on Penal Abolition featuring a stellar group of international leaders in all areas of corrections. Statement: Current correctional practices actually put our communities at risk. DV
If Garvey Was Here Jean Saint-Vil 2001 If Garvey Was Here is a 30 minutes video on the state of pan-African solidarity in Ottawa around the year 2001. Produced for Jaku Konbit by Jafrikayiti, this documentary features, among others, Dr. VHS, Hi8, Digital 8, Super 8

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