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Imitation Of Life Mike Hoolboom 2001 Found footage, sci-fi. Statement: Children are living science fiction." Betacam
In a Silent Way Madi Mohammed 2002 An homage to the disappearing ritual of film projection. Technologies of past and present collide, make love and salute each other as the digital replaces the mechanical. DV
In Motion Lisa Kojola 1998 "Summertime in Ottawa and Gatineau a few years ago… Statement: I place this in my home movie category. We shot some super 8 film over the summer of '98. Betacam
In Motion Douglas Von Rosen 1993 IN MOTION is a short experimental video about the pace of life. Hi8
In(328) Other Words Jillian Mcdonald 2002 MiniDV
Instant Yolk Topping Erin Brophy 2002 A spoof on the infomercial genre, including an original product and a loveable sales pitch. DV
Interview-Femme Interieur Angèle Gagnon 1987 VHS
I’m So Happy You’re So Happy Firuz Daud 2001 A controversial book with a really really violent scene is being made into a movie. A guy is having problems because it’s raining in his apartment. Meanwhile a girl is obsessed with her horoscope. How are these all related. DV
J'Decroche - Do Not Disturb Chantal Dahan 2003 I take the phone off the hook. The answering machine takes the incoming messages. I'm taking a bath with my rubber ducky. I decompress. I'm in my own bubble. DV
Jeux Josée Dubeau 2012 Jeux is composed of eight vignettes, in which performers Véronique Guitard and Hugo Gaudet-Dion reinvent the domestic environment in different playful scenarios, culminating in a sequence shot at IKEA in Ottawa. Video
Jiggs Dinner Darryl Dinn 1996 BACK HOME is an on-line cultural magazine show about Newfoundland & Labrador. Betacam
Jipuktewik Sipu, River Of Fire Franziska Von Rosen 1991 JIPUKTEWIK SIPU, RIVER OF FIRE features the Micmac storyteller, artist and musician Michael W. Francis. 3/4", Hi8
Jolly Fat Men Jacob Hanna 2000 MiniDV
Jon Fredrick - Performance Artist Rob Thompson 1990 This docu-drama explores the work and life of Jon Fredericks, a performance artist who grapples with life and art. 3/4"
Josh Erin Brophy 2002 One of the many kids you see on the streets. Getting into trouble, getting out of it. Josh had a couple of things to say. DV
Kanata Flag Day Greg Hill 2002 KANATA FLAG DAY is a video that is part of the Kanata Project. The Kanata Project is about the creation of a new identity for Canada through the replacement of all visual symbols with Kanata ones. DV
Kids Chris Mullington 1987 "A colaboration between Chris Mullington (videographer/director) and Richard Nigro (writer/producer). The social machinations of a group of pre-pubescent children parallel the dynamics of adult groups. 3/4", Betacam
L'a Tribu(t) Andree Prefontaine 1996 "Le fait de capter des images et des sons d'insectes pour illustrer des analogies sonores humains / non-humains amène à considérer l'unité profonde des êtres qui transparaît ici via la manipulation des sons. VHS
L'Abominable Microbe Diane Obomsawin 1992 Une tranche de vie chez les bete de lat terre. Le mot microbe vient du grec<<"mikrobios>> qui veut dire: dont la vie est courte. 3/4"
La Danse Luc Desjardins 2002 A paradoxical and poetic look at cross-cultural manifestations. VHS
La Grange Guillault Leigh Nunan 2002 When a young Black urbanite finds herself transplanted to an isolated old farmhouse in rural Canada she is greeted with fear and anger. DV
La Séduction Luc Desjardins 2002 A twisted and paradoxical look at seduction. This video contains a Fellini film sequence featuring delirious bare-breasted prostitutes. it is not at all for kids. VHS
Lately Riley Rempel 2000 "Description: An innocent couple is pulled into Riley's world of alcoholic mayhem. Chock full of larfs. Satement: A video that makes people think that Riley thinks she is Jesus Christ." 16mm
Laurie's Garden Dan Sokolowski 2000 A year in the garden. 16mm
Le Charme Luc Desjardins 2001 A paradoxical look at charming and not-so charming men. VHS

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