SAW Video is pleased to announce the addition of a Canon 5D Mark III to our rental inventory!

 Canon's release of the 5D Mark II back in 2008 was certainly a game changer for independent video production with its stunning large sensor 1080 image capture and changeable lenses offered for a fraction of the cost of a comparable full bodied video camera.  The 5D mark III, released this past spring has built on the success of its predecessor by further improving the cameras HD Video recording capabilities.  Reduced noise, less artifacts and moiré, the option of longer record time, as well as a dedicated headphone jack are only some of the great updates on this new model.

SAW Video's 5D package will be sent out with 2xbatteries, charger, 2x 32GB CF cards, and a CF card reader. 

The camera can be rented as a body only package for $50/day or bundled with a  24mm-105mm F/4 Zoom lens, and a 50mm F/1.4 Prime Lens for $85/day.  The package can also be upgraded to a full production kit with lights and audio for $75/day body only production kit, and $110/day for a production kit which includes both lensesThe lenses themselves may also be rented out on their own for $30/day and $10/day respectively.

SAW Video’s Cinevate, matte box, rails, follow focus, and shoulder mount are all compatible with the 5D, allowing members to build themselves a nice little rig.  Our Zoom H4N or Edirol Pro audio recorders are a perfect solution for dual system sound recording with a DSLR.

Never shot video on a DSLR before?  Well no worries because we will also be offering 5D Mark III camera clinics beginning this fall.

For more information or to make a booking please contact:

Technical Coordinator(Production) Ariel Smith at 613-238-7648 or at ariel@sawvideo.com

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