SAW Video is a registered charity (Charitable # 867857641RR0001).  When making a donation to SAW Video, you can opt to give to our programming, our outreach program, Far Out Locations, or the Rob Thompson Video Award. You can donate directly on our website, through Canada Helps, who will issue a tax receipt right away. If you haven’t given to a charity before or for over 7 years, you are eligible to receive the First-time Donor’s Super Credit, which gives 25% greater tax credit.  As a result, a first-time donor will be allowed a 40% federal credit for donations of $200 or less, and a 54% federal credit for the portion of donations over $200 but not exceeding $1,000.

If you work in the Federal Government and are making donations through the Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC), please consider directing all or part of that donation to SAW Video Association.

Here is the information you would need to enter on Line 5 of the GCWCC form:

Name of Organization: SAW Video Association

BN/Registration Number: 867857641RR0001

You can also direct your United Way donation to us by quoting SAW Video Association. 

We’re also always happy to accept donations of equipment, which can trigger a charitable receipt for the current value of the item. If you have video equipment you would like to donate, please email Tyler or Eric or call 613.238.7648.



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