"SOLITUDE is a film about the nature of the individual in the world as he moves from one space to another, shadowed by structures. The medium is film and dance, but the film is not specifically a dance film. Special effects, such as high speed photography and colour separation, are included only as a means to study form. The film avoids any real descriptive realisation of solitude. Instead it studies the ambiance or interior being of solitude. Statement: The film was an experiment with different visual effects while working with a dancer. Edouard Lock, founder of the dance group ""La, La, La Human Steps"", choreographed the film. Paul-Andre Fortier was the dancer."
Lois Siegel

Lois Siegel is a filmmaker, casting director, writer, photographer, professor, and musician. She lives in Ottawa, Canada. Siegel was named one of the Capital City's Top 50: People who are shaping the future of the National Capital, by Ottawa Life Magazine, 2002.
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Orleans, ON
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