They Gave Up Their Pants For Love
In 1899, Victorian England, the huge popularization of the bicycle sparked women's independent mobility. Finally ladies were able to travel around the city independently, choosing where they wanted to go at any time. These Wheeling Women started wearing bloomers, a loose pant fashion that enabled them to sit on a bicycle and pedal freely. Previously their skirts kept getting caught in the spokes! However, this fashion lasted only about five years, to return only in the 1920s, because these pantee-girls were ridiculed for being too ""manly"". Men, afraid of the new, muscular, powerful millennium woman, accused these cyclists of being obscene because they were revealing their legs! And so the fashion died out. Not being able to cope with the contempt, these women gave up their pants…for love. Statement: This was the first video project that I created/edited. I wanted to create a poem about movement, liberty and passion."
Karen Guttman

Karen Guttmen is an interdisciplinary artist working in dance, video, choreography and performance. She is the honoured recipient of the Dennis Tourban Emerging Artist award.
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Montreal, QC
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