Learn Tools and Techniques with SAW Video's Dolly, Crane, & Cinevate Rig!

Trying to get the most professional look for your shoot?  Want to raise the production value on your project? Interested in renting SAW Video’s crane, dolly or Cinevate rig but not quite sure how to use them to their full potential safely and effectively?

This advanced production tools workshops will highlight some of SAW Video's more advanced production tools to help take your project to the next level.  It will provide camera support for the use of different types of lenses, training for specialized camera movements using a dolly and a crane, as well as how to use SAW's Cinvate accessories (Slider, Follow Focus, Rails, Shoulder Brace, Matte Box).  Learn to use our Matthew’s Doorway dolly with track or on wheels, level for uneven ground, or create a unique camera move up an incline.  Want to mimic that opening shot from Friday?  Learn how to use our crane for a smooth bird’s eye view.  Ans learn the proper set-up for the Cinevate rig (it has a lot of pieces, don’t forget where they all go!). This workshop takes place over one afternoon, and will be hands on with plenty of time to try out different shooting scenarios.


Duration in hours: 
Prerequisite Workshops: 
Intro to Video Production, or demonstrated experience in Video Production
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