Cinematography is the art or techniques of motion picture photography. The role of the cinematographer (or Director of Photography) is to determine all the visual elements; they make every creative choice related to composition, lighting, and camera motion, and anything that audiences can see in a given shot. They make decisions on everything from color to depth-of-field (how much of the shot is in focus and how much is blurry), to speed of a zoom, to the positioning of people and objects within any given frame.   

In this Cinematography 101 workshop, participants will be introduced to the principles of cinematography and the conventions of transmitting meaning and emotion with the visual elements of storytelling. This course will focus on the composition of the image inside the frame with reference to video. Using a combination of examples from cinema history and camera exercises, cinematography will be explored through colour, exposure, camera movement, perspective, shutter speed, scale + framing, depth of field, focus, and frame rate. We will view and discuss how these elements affect your shots.


Cinematography 101


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