Workshops: October 18th & 19th

ORC4G/Shooting: October 24th, 25th, & 26th

Post Production: November 1st

Note: Maximum 10 participants, Ages 13-17. 
The Video Camp for Girls takes place in association with the Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls (ORC4G) weekend in October 2014. The camp will provide an opportunity for training in audio mixing, lighting for live performances; basic video production and video editing for participants aged 13-17. Under the direction of female instructors and mentors who are professionals in the audio/visual production field, the participants will have the opportunity to record and edit a live performance of fellow campers in the Ottawa Rock Camp for girls. The campers will retain copies of the final edited pieces which they can then use in a portfolio, on a resume or to further their own audio/visual skills in an academic setting.
This program seeks to remove socio-economic barriers to training for young women in the technical fields of video production and, to that end, the program will be offered free of charge to the participants. Additionally, this program seeks to establish a set of female role models and mentors to young women and students interested in video production in the community of Ottawa. 
Video Camp will take place over 3 weekends, the first weekend will take place at SAW Video, during which the participants will be trained in production and editing. On the second weekend, the video girls will join the Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls participants at the rehearsal and performance studios at Capital Rehearsal Studios and Gabba Hey. The third weekend will take place in the Editing Suites at SAW Video.
The Video Camp is generously supported by the Harry P. Ward Foundation and the City of Ottawa Community Arts & Social Engagement program.

Harry P. Ward Foundation                   



Download the VC4G's Registration form and email it to workshops@sawvideo.com
Or register in person at SAW Video, 67 rue Nicholas St., Ottawa, ON, K1N 7B9


Melody McKiver is a musician, interdisciplinary media artist, and writer based in Ottawa. Melody holds an MA in Ethnomusicology at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (2014) and an Honours BFA in Music, Minor in Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity from York University (2010).  Melody is Anishinaabe of mixed heritage, with ancestry in Obishikokaang Wemitigoozhiiwitigwaaning Lac Seul First Nation. Melody’s musical practice spans across viola/violin, drums and percussion, and guitar, and performs as a solo artist, supporting musician,  session musician, and writes and records film scores. Melody works with digital video and photography, and has directed a number of short documentary films. Their latest work "Ga Waabmin Gaye / Nemolnek Elt Ni'nen" (2014) for four-channel video has been screened in New York City, Ottawa, and Vancouver.
Lesley Marshall is an award-winning filmmaker and graduate of the University of Ottawa with a major in communication with specialization in media. Media art curator for the Available Light Screening Collective, Arboretum Arts Festival; promoter, booker, filmmaker, musician, and all around artist she is currently the Operations Manager at MEGAPHONO & Kelp Music and editor-in-chief of local arts zine, Small Talk. 
Jadis Mariette Dumas has been working in autonomous media for a number of years as a journalist, videographer, editor, and now as a documentary filmmaker. She is passionate about producing honest and beautiful storytelling through film. Being mostly self-taught, she also studied in Capilano University’s Documentary Film Programme, where she directed her first short film and participated in various short film productions as editor and DOP.  Since then she has been Assistant Editor on two feature films being shown through international festivals, had an awesome time filming Ottawa Rock Camp For Girls in 2012, and is currently very excited about directing her first feature film on unschooling.

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