JumpStart Screening

Thursday, July 21st, 7pm,

Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa

FREE Admission | cash bar

SAW Video presents JumpstART 2016, SAW Video’s annual programme of new short works by local emerging video artists, this year featuring Alexandra Noble, Gillian Kirkland & Andrew Letourneau, Radamis Zaky and Tripti Prinja.



Taken - Alexandra Noble

Are stories of the supernatural still valuable for the social and spiritual life of a community, or rather just a dying remnant of older traditions?

This docu-journal is a condensed and more focused snippet of a larger ongoing project. that aims to explore this question. Its focus is on the stories surrounding one particular supernatural being, Maria Nico, whose activities are inextricably woven into the mythology of a small town on the island of Siquijor, Philippines.

This docu-journal is Alexandra Noble’s first ever attempt in shooting video, and crafting a documentary. It is the result of a receiving SAW Video’s JumpStart grant where she was introduced to the basics of video production, sound and editing.

She hopes to continue learning more about telling stories through video and film.

SnoVlo - Gillian Kirkland and Andrew Letoutneau

A man emerges from his home on a winter's day and embarks upon a journey through the snow-covered streets of Ottawa on a bicycle. Shot in the style of a silent film, SnoVlo is an exploration of the relationship between image and sound and the ways in which a story can be suggested without being explicitly defined.

This project has been the screen child of a creative team comprised of Gillian Kirkland and Andrew Letourneau. It was an opportunity for the exploration of a new creative medium, as much as an exercise in democracy, since both are new to cinema and the traditional cinematographic hierarchy was dethroned in favour of a not-always-simple symbiotic collaboration. It is not an accident that they both have a background in improvised music.


A Man in Autumn - Tripti Prinja

“A Man in Autumn” tells the story of an older gentleman in a care home who has one last wish. The determination of his youth carries him forward, as he sees his grandson compete for gold in the same way he once did. The film focuses on a generation and their achievements, ones that are often overlooked by cinema.

Tripti Prinja is an amateur screenplay writer who has completed three full-length films and a number of shorts. In addition to this, she writes in poetry and fiction.



Sue - Radamis Zaky

Sue is woman like many other women in Canada who moved from middle class to poverty and alcohol addiction because of various reasons. This film narrates the story of Sue who is suffering from poverty and addiction. The film will take us through her struggle and her fight against poverty and addiction. 

Radamis Zaky is a filmmaker and researcher who believes that documentaries can be powerful social advocacy tools. For more than 10 years, he has engaged in human rights activism to help the poor and other vulnerable groups to make their voices heard.

Radamis is a Phd student at the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa and has a Masters degree in Media Studies. His main artistic and research interests are issues related to social justice with a special focus on gender issues. He is building skills in video production and cinematography via courses and workshops at the SAW Media Arts Centre and Algonquin College.

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