Blue Screen Blues
BLUESCREEN BLUES is a comedy about an unnamed high tech company struggling to meet deadlines and get funding after the dot.com crash. With subtle allusions to William Golding's Lord of the Flies, the film follows a group of overgrown boys who are stranded in a hostile environment, stretched to the limit of their abilities. Things go from bad to worse until their little society starts to break down. The film features music by Hawksley Workman and Lynn Harrison.
Bonnie Robinson

Bonnie Robinson is a compulsive angry-letter writer of the Grandpa Simpson variety, who still finds time between violent, self-righteous tirades to write and direct films. Legally, BLUESCREEN BLUES bears no resemblance to Bonnie's experiences during her years as a journalist and technical writer, living or dead, but it is worth mentioning that most of the companies she has worked for have gone out of business or been taken over. Bonnie's past projects include JOEY ON BOWIE (1989), BUBBLES (2000), THE CAT (2000) and BLUESCREEN BLUES (2001).
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Ottawa, ON
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