Hello Ingmar
For three decades he stood at the dizzing heights of world kino, his name synonymous with the term art movie. But who would ever imagine finding a home in Ingmar Bergman's psycho-nightmares? Gunilla, that’s who. Cast as a bit player in his unknown 1963 effort Virgin Belief and Double Moral, Gunilla travels the imagescape of Bergman's flicks, stopping its troubled interlocuters to ask whether they'd seen her pass this way or not. In the original she actually has a speaking part, which consisted of this one line: "Hello Ingmar, all my tanks were knocked out and the roads were impassible.
Gunilla Josephson

GJ is a Swedish-born multimedia artist who currently lives and works in Toronto and exhibits in Canada and Europe. Hello Ingmar was awarded the 2001 Festival Prize at the International Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen in Germany.
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Toronto, ON
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