Night Of The Celibate
A self-styled monk and his cohort – The Celibate and The Sister – lead a meditation group for a handful of lost people who are having trouble making sense of their mysterious, fragmented and contradictory lives. The video follows their bizarre routine for a week, offering glimpses of their private lives and struggles.
Tony Asimakopoulos

Tony Asimakopoulos. 1969-1985: kid; 1986-2010: filmmaker. Noteworthy shorts: JIMMY FINGERS, 1991. MAMA'S BOY, 1992. DAMN NEAR KILLED HIM, 1998, NIGHT OF THE CELIBATE, 2000. Wrote and directed the feature HORSIE'S RETREAT at the Canadian Film Centre in 2004. Currently lives in Montreal, where he is completing FORTUNATE SON (working title), an autobiographical feature documentary, produced by EyeSteelFilm.
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Montreal, QC
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