Ring Of Vision
A doorway to the past is opened when the ring of vision is found. A group of friends use the magic ring to search for the reason behind Aunt Chloe's deep depression. But even if they find the answer, will they have the power to change her melancholy lifestyle? Four actors from different backgrounds are fed up with the treatment they have been getting from casting directors. They kidnap a casting director and force him to watch their auditions. The fury builds so much that they end up killing him…. Statement: This film is dedicated to all those people that have gone through the struggles of trying to be an actor."
Claudia Jurt

THIRSTY is Claudia Jurt's debut in directing video. Her most recent directing credit is THE LOVER, a play produced at the University of Ottawa. Claudia looks forward to working on her next short film with a new group of young actors.
City, Province: 
Ottawa, ON
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