State of the Union
"On September 20th, 2001, George W. Bush gave a 45 minute 'State of the Union' speech live on television which contained 33 standing ovations. This 10 minute remixed version is a parody/ critique of that speech, and an artistic reflection of the United States' new foreign policies. This video has since been modified and improved. Please visit Adornato's website to view a newer version of this video, as well as many other new video. www.humanhybridmedia.com."
Marc Adornato

Based in Ottawa, Marc Adornato (BFA) makes art works in a variety of mediums including video, audio, performance and kinetic sculptures. Focusing on Cloning, Genetic Engineering, Politics and Technology; Adornato's work explores the social and political ramifications of his Historical era.
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Ottawa, ON
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Video Art

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