Production equipment is available to producing members of SAW Video for independent, non-commercial productions.

*All members are required to take one of SAW Video’s introductory workshops or have comparable ability and experience in handling equipment before becoming eligible to access it. Producing members are required to sign an equipment rental contract upon renewal of their membership.

*All pick ups are after 2pm; the return of all rental items, including all of their parts, must be made before noon, as otherwise late penalty charges apply.

*Weekend rentals are charge as 1.5 days (with pick up Friday afternoon and return Monday morning).

*Week-long rentals are billed at a rate of 5 days (7 full days of rental would invoiced as 5 days). 

*Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance. If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, members will be billed the full price of the rental.

  1. You must be a producing member of SAW Video (Memberships can be purchased in-person for $75/year or $50.00/6 months)
  2. Call our Technical Director Chris Payne or Equipment Manager Jason Sonier (613.238.7648) between 10am-6pm, Mon-Fri, and 11am-5pm Saturdays, or email production@sawvideo.com.
  3. Equipment pickups are between 2pm - 6pm Monday to Friday and between 2pm - 5pm on Saturday.  Equipment returns are between 10am - 12pm Monday to Friday and 11am - 12pm on Saturday.  Members who return equipment or parts thereof late will be charged for an additional day.
  4. For a complete inventory list, please see below or download here.


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Production Packages

Each production package can be mix and matched based on equipment needs availablity.   Substitutions may be possible at the discretion of the Equipment Manager.

Members are welcome to book extra equipment at additional cost.

Package #1: Blackmagic Production Camera 4k

Kit Includes: Blackmagic Production Camera 4k / tripod or shoulder rig / shotgun microphone kit / basic 3-fixture lighting kit


Package #2: Sony PXW-FS7 

Kit Includes: Sony PXW-FS7 / tripod / shotgun microphone kit / basic 3-fixture lighting kit


Package #3: Sony a7S II Documentary Kit

Kit includes: Sony a7Sii Mirrorless Digital Camera / tripod or shoulder rig / shotgun microphone kit / basic 3-fixture lighting kit


Package #4: Canon EOS 5D Mark III (HD DSLR)

Kit includes: Canon EOS 5D Mark III / tripod or shoulder rig / shotgun microphone kit / basic 3-fixture lighting kit


Package #5: Panasonic AG HPX 170 P2 HD Camcorder

Kit includes: Panasonic AG HPX-170 P2/  tripod or shoulder rig / shotgun microphone kit / basic 3-fixture lighting kit


Package #6: Panasonic AG-AC160P AVCCAM HD Camcorder

Kit includes: Panasonic AG AC-160P /  tripod or shoulder rig / shotgun microphone kit / basic 3-fixture lighting kit


Package #7: Panasonic AG-AC160A AVCCAM HD Camcorder

Kit includes: Panasonic AG AC-160A /  tripod or shoulder rig / shotgun microphone kit / basic 3-fixture lighting kit



Blackmagic Production Camera 4k EF mount Camera

w: Canon 24-55mm zoom lens / 2 mountable batteries / AC adapater  / 2 SSD 480 Gb / station USB / 2 battery chargers


Sony PXW-FS7 4k/UHD/HD Camera

w: 28-135 F4 zoom lens /  3 x 32Gb + 1x 128Gb QXD cards / 3 Sony batteries (2 with d-tap) / USB LAN mdule / 2 battery chargers


Sony α7S II Mirrorless Digital Camera

w: Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm f/4 Zoom lens / 4 Batteries / Battery Charger / 2 x 64gb U3 SD cards / Card reader / AV cable mount



w: 24-105mm Canon F4 Ultrasonic Zoom lens / 3 Canon Batteries / Battery Charger / 2 x 32gb CF card + 1 x 16gb CF card / CF Card reader / Polarizer / Variable ND filter / Kinotech Viewfinder w:diopter / AV cable


Panasonic AG-HPX 170 P2 HD Camcorder 

w: 2 x 16gb P2 cards / 2 x Panasonic Batteries / AC adapter / simple Sony shotgun microphone/ USB cable / battery charger


Panasonic AG-AC160A AVCHD Camcorder

w: 2 x 32gb SD cards / Card reader/ 2x Panasonic batteries / AC adapter/ simple Sony Shotgun microphone / USB cable / battery charger


Panasonic AG-AC160A AVCHD Camcorder

w: 2 x 32gb SD cards / Card reader/ 2x Panasonic batteries / AC adapter/ simple Sony Shotgun microphone / USB cable / battery charger


GoPro Hero 4

w: 2 x Batteries / 2 X 64gb SDXC card / 3-way handgrip / Headband + Quickclip / Jaws: Flex clamp / Sticky clamps / battery charger



Zeiss 5 SLR Lens Bundle ZE with case
(21mm/2.8, 28mm/2, 35mm/2, 50mm/1.4, 85mm/1.4)
Canon EF Mount 50mm Prime F1:4 $10.00
Canon EF Mount 70-300mm IS USM telephoto zoom lens $10.00
Metabones Canon EF mount to Sony E mount adapter $5.00 

Camera Accessories

Cinevate Titan Swing Away Matte Box
Cinevate Durus Follow Focus $10.00
Cinevate Shoulder Mount w/ Counter Balance and hand grips $10.00
Cinevate Proteus 15mm Rail System $5.00
Cinevate Proteus Camera Cage $10.00
4x4 Tiffen Filters (ND.3, CLR / ND.6 Grad / ND.9IR / T1 IR) $5.00/per
Full Camera Rig Package (Matte Box, Rails, all Filters, Follow Focus, Shoulder Mount, Counter Balance)

Monitors and Recorders

Marshall HD Field Monitor

7" Marshall Electronics V-LCD70XP-3GSDI (Runs of A/C or Batteries)


Atomos 4k/HD Field recorder and monitor. 

2x 480gb SSD cards / card reader / AC adapter/ Hotshoe mount / 2 x batteries / charger



Manfrotto 526 Head w/ 545GB legs $15.00
Sachtler FSB6 Tripod w/ 75mm Bowl/ENG 75 Legs $10.00
Sachtler DV II Tripod  $10.00
Manfrotto 501 HDV Head w/ Manfrotto 05XXB Legs or 190XB legs $5.00
Manfrotto 529B Hi Hat w/ 501 HDV Head $5.00
Manfrotto 680B Monopod w/ 501 HDV Head $5.00
Manfrotto spreader w/ wheels $5.00


Zoom H6 Handheld Digital Audio Recorder $20.00
Zoom H4N Handheld Digital Audio Recorder $15.00
Zoom H5 Handheld Digital Audio Recorder $15.00
Sound Devices 302 Stereo Field Mixer $10.00
Shure FP33 Stereo Field Mixer $10.00
Sennheiser K6 Shotgun Microphone (w/ ME66 capsule) $6.00

Sennheiser K6 Shotgun Microphone (w/ ME66, ME64 and ME62 capsules)

Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Microphone (phantom power only) $8.00

Rode NTG2 Shotgun Microphone (battery or phantom power)

Rode 10' Boom Pole w/ Pistol Grip $4.00

Rode Micro Boompole (6 ¾')

Rode Blimp w/ Dead Wombat windscreen $10.00
Shure SM58 Handheld Microphone $5.00
AudioTechnica AT-8531 Wired Lav (Battery Powered) $4.00
Sony AKG Wired Lav (Battery Powered) $4.00
RODELink Audio Wireless Filmmaker Kit

w/ Lavelier Microphone, Body Pack Transmitter, and Body Pack Receiver.


Arri L5-C LED lighting kit

w: 2 x Arri L5-C fresnel LED / 1 x Arri Locaster plus / 3 x stands / Barn doors / Rolling case


LEDgo LED light panel kit

w: 3 x LEDgo LG-600gs LED light panels / 3 x Light stands / 3 x AC adpater / 4 x V-mount batteries / 3x plus/minus green fliters / 3 x Diffusion


Arrilite/Fresnel Light Kit w: 1x Open Face or Fresnel 1Kw / 2x 650w / Barndoors / Stands / Gloves / Clips / Diffusion / CTO, CTB / Spare Bulbs / Rolling Case


Arrilite Open Face or Fresnel 1K watt w: stand and spare bulb


Arrilite Open Face or Fresnel 650 watt w: stand and spare bulb


Arri 150 watt Fresnel (2 available) w: stand and spare bulb


Kino Flo Diva-Lite 200 Kit

w: 2x 120 watt fixtures w/ built in Balasts / Gel Frames / Silver Louvres / Flozier / Stands / Tungsten + Daylight Bulbs / Roller case

Kino Flo 4 Foot 4 Bank 
w: 1x4 Bank Fixture w/ Built-in Ballast / Gel Frame / Louvre / Flozier / Mount / C-stand / Gloves / Tungsten and/or Daylight Bulbs / Carry Case
K5600 Joker-Bug 400 HMI
w: 1x400w HMI Fixture / Lenses / Diffusion / Stand / Flight Case

LED Go LED On-Camera Bi-colour Light Pad (3200K to 5600K)

w: 2 x Batteries / Battery charger

18x24" Lighting Control Kit

w/ 2xflags, 2x scrims, 2x silks, 2x cookies
Chimera Small $4.00
Chimera Medium $5.00
Reflector Disk (gold/silver or silver/white) $3.00
Sekonic DigiCineMate L-308DC Light Meter $5.00


Cinevate Ascension Camera Slider Bundle: Slider w/ All terrain legs, vertical slider kit, Fill-able counterbalance, Benro b2 Ball head $30.00
Matthews Doorway Dolly w/ floor and track wheels, 8 x 4' long Track Sections $50.00
8 Foot Kessler Crane w/ Hercules Tripod, Counterbalance Weights, Carry Case, Tooless Kit (note: members are required to schedule an orientation/training session with the Equipment Manager to learn to be able to use this equipment safely) $35.00
40" Matthew C-Stands w/ sliding leg, grip arm and grip head $3.00
Manfrotto Autopole 7'-12' w/ spirit level $3.00
Sandbags $1.00
Grip Clamp Kit w/ 2x 3" Matthellini Clamp Centre Jaw,

2x 6" Matthellini Clamp End Jaw, 2x Super Mafer w/pin,

2x 4" C-clamp, 2x 8" C-clamp, 3x Pony Clamps, 2x Baby plates,

1x Quaker clamp, Safety Chains.

Apple Boxes Full Set   1x Full, 2x½, 2x¼, 1x Pancakes.



Blu-Ray Player or DVD player $5.00
Portable PA System w/ 2x Speakers, 2x Stands, mixer, cables $40.00

Da-Lite 78"x139" Dual Vision Screen Fastfold screen with heavy duty legs (single screen for both front and rear view)


Generic Projection Screen (54’ X 70”)


Mitsubishi FD630U Projector Native 1080p, 1920x1080 resolution; 4000 lumens $40.00

Eiki Projector 1080p native resolution, 4700 lumens


Sanyo Projector 720p native resolution 2700 lumens

Presentation Package Includes PA System, Projector, Screen and DVD player $100.00

Miscellaneous Equipment

Portable Green/Blue Screen $10.00
Westcott 9'x20' Green Screen Backdrop (heavy-duty wrinkle free fabric with 2" top rod pocket and grommets for easy hanging, stands/frame) $20.00

Tape Stock

124min DV Cam $50.00
64min DV Cam $34.00
32min DV Cam $22.00
63min Mini DV $6.14
CD-R $1.50
DVD-R $1.75
Blu-ray $13.00
10min Beta SP $18.50
20min Beta SP $19.00
30min Beta SP $20.00
5min Beta SP $17.00
60min Beta SP $32.00


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