SAW Video Association is a charitable organization that fosters the growth and development of artists through access to equipment, training, mentorship, and programming. Its registered charitable business number is 86785 7641 RR0001.

Now over 30 years old, SAW Video has grown into the largest media art centre in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and a leading centre in Canada. With a successful non-profit financial management record and the accumulated forward-looking decisions of its members and leaders, SAW Video has built a media art centre strong in resources, programming, community outreach, media arts production and presentation. SAW Video holds great appreciation for its supporters, past and present, and the centre’s activities are always growing. In order to continue serving the media arts community with responsibility and creativity, the centre requires additional and ongoing support.

There are many ways to support SAW Video, whether you’re an individual, the representative of a local business or large corporation. The following list has been created to describe specific opportunities, but support is a creative process, a dialogue, and can take on many forms. Should you wish to support SAW Video in one of the ways described below, or should you prefer to discuss other possibilities, please contact the centre’s administrative coordinator, Moonsun Choi, at 613-238-7648 or admin@sawvideo.com. Moonsun will be most happy to spend some time with you determining what kind of arrangement makes the most sense for you or your company. You may also wish to visit the About section of this website, as it provides an excellent financial, historical and contemporary profile of the organization.

Thank you very much for your support of SAW Video.




Make a donation to SAW Video and support the vibrant media arts community in Ottawa-Gatineau.

With your donation, you will be supporting an organization that provides production grants to local artists, pays artist fees for all work presented, has a strong history of community outreach, and provides artists with affordable access to equipment, facilities and professional development opportunities. For more information about what SAW Video does, visit the Media Arts Programming and Resources sections of this website.

SAW Video members, staff, board, funders, sponsors, partners and donors sincerely appreciate your contribution. It is not only a contribution to SAW Video, but to the vitality of the larger media arts community in Ottawa-Gatineau, and in Canada.

Through your workplace:

For those of you who work in the Federal Government and are making a donation through the Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC), you may want to consider specifying that the donation (all or part) be directed to SAW Video Association. Here is the information you would need to enter on Line 5 of the GCWCC form:

Name of Organization: SAW Video Association
BN/Registration Number: 867857641RR0001
You can also direct your United Way donation to us by quoting SAW Video Association.
Donations of equipment

We’re also always happy to accept donations of equipment, which can trigger a charitable receipt for the current value of the item. If you have video equipment you would like to donate, please email Tyler or Eric or call 613-238-7648.


SAW Video accepts donations online through CanadaHelps.org. Click on the button below to make a donation now or contact the centre’s administrative coordinator, Moonsun Choi, to discuss other payment and donation options such as planned giving, the donation of equipment or services, and other possibilities. Moonsun can be reached at 613-238-7648 or admin@sawvideo.com.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

CanadaHelps.org is a not-for-profit charity portal that provides an online giving service to registered charities. After making your donation, you will receive an electronic tax receipt via the e-mail address provided during the donation process. You can save and print this receipt at any time for income tax purposes. Because CanadaHelps.org is a registered charity (charitable business number 896568417RR0001), if you choose this method of donation/payment you will be receipted by CanadaHelps.org and not by SAW Video.

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How does becoming a member of SAW Video support the centre? By becoming a member, you support SAW Video’s activities, vitality, and community. You become a participant and a resource. You are part of the media arts community. Of course, monetary support is always necessary, but other kinds of support are equally as important. Go to Join SAW for more information on becoming a member and on the benefits of membership.

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Volunteering is another way to support SAW Video, and you don’t necessarily have to be a member. For example, SAW Video has a number of committees that are comprised of members, staff, board members and sometimes also non-members with a particular interest or expertise. Members of SAW Video are definitely encouraged to volunteer in some capacity or another, but members of the public can also bring important qualities... such as an objective viewpoint, skills in business, technology, finance, law, fundraising, writing or other areas, as well as a connection to, or passion for, the media arts. Go to Join SAW for more information about volunteering.

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SAW Video sells T-shirts and other merchandise. Visit the Marketplace to see what’s in store.

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Word-of-mouth is the best advertisement possible. If you’re a fan of SAW Video and have benefited from its resources, programming, outreach and community, why not tell your friends and colleagues about the great things going on? Go to What's Happening for up-to-date information on upcoming activities and events, and support SAW Video by talking about it.

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The SAW Video Media Art Centre presents screenings, workshops, artist talks, master classes, equipment training sessions and many other activities for those interested in expanding their knowledge of media arts. Your attendance at these events supports the centre in a tangible way. Watch for upcoming activities in the What’s Happening section of the website and if you’re a member of SAW Video, be sure to read the centre’s weekly e-newsletter. For a look at past events and e-newsletters go to Archives.

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Individuals, local businesses and large corporations can all sponsor SAW Video. Sponsorships can take on many forms: monetary, products, services, equipment, catering, technology, gifts, discounts, exchanges, publicity, etc. Whether it be monetary or in-kind, your sponsorship will be of great value to SAW Video... and may also prove beneficial to you, your business or corporation. Should you wish more information about sponsorship opportunities, or should you have a sponsorship idea yourself, please contact the centre’s administrative coordinator, Moonsun Choi, at 613-238-7648 or admin@sawvideo.com.

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Partnership and collaboration are vital to the success of any community, and crucial to the life of an organization like SAW Video. Since its inception, SAW Video has collaborated with artists, arts organizations, festivals, embassies, consulates, educational institutions and communities in the Ottawa region and beyond. Partnerships have allowed the centre to present foreign artists, participate in national events, provide expert workshops, enhance creative projects and take video training on the road. Should you wish to initiate a partnership with SAW Video, your proposal would be most welcome. Please contact the centre’s Director, Penny McCann, at 613-238-7648 or penny@sawvideo.com.

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To see a list of SAW Video’s current sponsors and funders, please visit the Thank You section of this website.

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