Please note: The deadline for this has passed.  Telefilm will announce its 2017 program in January 2017.
SAW Video is a designated partner for Telefilm's Micro-Budget Production Program.  The program provides financing for the development, production, digital distribution and promotion of a first feature-length film or other format of narrative-based audiovisual content made specifically for online distribution. Telefilm funds projects through a non-repayable financial contribution of up to $127,500 per project.
Prospective creative teams must apply to a designated partner of the program who in turn recommend projects to Telefilm.  SAW Video is a recommender for both the Main Component and the Aboriginal Component.
New in 2016r:

•    The definition of eligible projects has been extended to include, in addition to feature films, digital short-form content of under 75 minutes in length.  Note that for these types of projects, Telefilm’s contribution will be prorated based on the total length of the project. As before, all projects must be intended for digital distribution;

•    Telefilm’s maximum contribution amount is now set at $127,500. Of that amount, $7,500 must be reserved for the hiring of a digital marketing expert that will help applicants elaborate and put in place a digital marketing/social media strategy for their project
For detailed information on the call and guidelines/FAQs click here
Telefilm’s Evaluation Criteria
Projects are evaluated on:
– the track record of the creative team;

– the quality, originality, and innovativeness of the creative content;

– the quality, originality, and innovativeness of the promotion and distribution strategy on digital platforms;

– the complementary nature of all components of the project (i.e. content, production, distribution and promotion)
The recommended projects must be either fictional or documentary audiovisual projects produced in English, French or an Aboriginal language that are either:

•    Feature length films of 75 minutes or more; or

•    Any other type of narrative-based audiovisual content made in a format specifically designed for online audiences.  These types of projects can be comprised of one or more segments which, in total, are between 10 and 74 minutes in length.  Please consult the FAQ for more details.
All projects must be distributed on one or more digital platforms and their maximum budget must not be higher than $250,000.
ELIGIBILITY: ALL key members (writer, director, producer) must be emerging talent, i.e. they must already have produced, directed and/or written at least one short film (30 minutes or less) but must not have produced, directed, or written a feature length film (75 minutes or more).
All key members must also be active members of SAW Video at the time of application. Active members are people who have participated in workshops, programs and/or other training initiatives offered by the SAW Video in the last three years measured from the date of recommendation to Telefilm under this Program.
ABORIGINAL COMPONENT: SAW Video is also a partner for the Aboriginal component. To be eligible for this component all key members (writer, director, producer) must be active members of SAW Video. For the Aboriginal component only, applicant eligibility is also extended to members of NIMAC (National Indigenous Media Art Coalition), who is an organizational member of SAW Video.  All key members must be self-identified Aboriginals.
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