Feedback 2014 / Work+Discussion

Featuring: Pixie Cram & Maayke Schurer

Tuesday December 2nd 2014, 7pm

Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street

Free admission

Initiated in 2008, SAW Video’s Feedback is an interactive discussion and screening series. Audiences engage with selected media artists from the Ottawa-Gatineau region in an open dialogue about their work and artistic processes. Feedback is a unique chance to learn about these artists’ methods and to discuss the ideas behind their work in an informal setting. 

For this third instalment of Feedback, through reference to past and present work as well as live demonstrations, local artists Pixie Cram and Maayke Schurer will talk about the inspirations, progressions and challenges they have experienced in making their work. Cram and Schurer will also discuss the themes that motivate their films, which are often informed by tensions between nature and technology. The artists look forward to an open discussion with all along the way. 

Feedback is part of VideoCity at SAW Video. In 2014, SAW Video is devoting its entire programming year to celebrating media artists from the Ottawa-Gatineau region, past and present.

About the artists:

Pixie Cram is a filmmaker originally from Ottawa and now based in Chelsea, Quebec. Her work includes animation, fiction, documentary and installation. Her films have been shown at several festivals in North America including the Gimli Film Festival (2008), Media City (2010), Antimatter (2010), and the Chicago 8-Fest (2011). Pixie studied theatre performance and playwrighting at Concordia University in Montreal before taking up filmmaking. She also interned with the Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont. She is a co-founder of the Windows Collective, a group devoted to the creation and exhibition of experimental works using film. The six-member collective has created public film installations in Ottawa since 2008, and has recently been invited by the Iris Collective to present an outdoor installation in Vancouver in the fall of 2015. Her newest fiction project, currently in development, is a 50-minute 'radiation utopia'. 

Maayke Schurer is a Canadian/Dutch artist whose work is generated out of an interest in recreating circumstances found in nature to be observed and reflected upon. She explores such situations as: How does the setting sun contrast with the accumulated exhaust of multiple cars on the highway? What is it like when the rain falls on thousands of plastic bottles floating in rivers and oceans? What does an oil spill on fire look like from underwater, and with the sun shining through? The process of recreating these events involves a highly experimental approach to design and documentation that has led to the development of several new video techniques achieved without the use of digital manipulation or computer animation. With degrees in both fine art as well as biology, Schurer completed an MFA at the Glasgow School of Art in 2009 and has exhibited widely throughout Europe and America. Her work has led to numerous awards including being nominated twice for the PRIX EUROPA Film and Television Awards (Berlin) as well as New Contemporaries UK. She currently lives in Ottawa with her partner and two-year old daughter, and since moving here she has received a Canada Council for the Arts grant, teaches workshops at SAW Video and co-founded the Ottawa Bicycle Lanes Project (bikelanes.ca).   

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