JumpstART Screening 2017

Thursday, May 11, 7:30pm – doors open 7pm

Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa

FREE Admission | cash bar





Last Seen by Alex Wells

A winter walk turns perilous when Ariane tumbles off the trail and injures herself. By chance, she meets the only other person out on such a cold day – but when Katie doesn’t speak French and Ariane doesn’t speak English, getting to safety might prove an impossible task.



Adventures of Iris  by Ashley Miller

‘Adventures of Iris’ s an experimental mixed media video project that ultimately seeks to remind viewers that everything we could possibly want already exists when we live in harmony with nature. This film represents part 1 of an educational children's project (ages 6-10 target) that focuses on the intersecting narratives of a captive caterpillar and the young child named Iris who keeps the caterpillar as a pet. 


Dance Your Blues by Heidi Vandenbroeke

Ottawa’s history includes decades of great blues music. A lesser-known part of that history – people dance to blues music. Moving to music is incredible. It’s emotion and recreation and socialization and artistic appreciation combined into an artform of its own. An artform that deserves attention. There is a budding blues dance scene in Ottawa that is organized, attended and supported by a diverse community of people. It’s a scene that we’re proud of and want to share with lovers of blues music. 


death isn't the same anymore by Jennifer Mulligan

"death isn't the same anymore" is a reflective exploration of the bed as an essential and intimate piece of furniture. Although this resting place is an object it is also a concept to which we continually return.  Told through the closeness one woman has with her bed from childhood to her visceral bond with the earth where life ends, the story’s images and poetry surrender to the ebb and flow of time, to dreams left unfulfilled, and the realization that the nature of life is a cyclical force that unfolds and curls back onto itself.


Tides by Natasha Doyon

An island, nothing but sky and water. Ophelia finds herself shipwrecked and surviving alone until... 

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