Resolution: New works from SAW Video Members





SAW Video’s membership is the heart of Ottawa/Gatineau’s thriving media arts community. On Friday, January 18th, we celebrate them with RESOLUTION, our annual screening of new works by our members. From animated shorts and documentaries, to experimental video and dramas, this yearly screening is an eclectic showcase of our city’s media arts talents!

Animation is featured prominently in two videos: The psychedelic punk-rock inspired Life Ruiner by SAW Video Youth Program alumnus Phil Osborne, and Glimmers by Emily Jeffers, a heartfelt and whimsical piece animated with over 400 pencil drawings on paper.

Emily Jeffers, along with her creative partner Kimmy Bosch, also contributed to the hilarious comedy short Cozy Sack, which is part of an ongoing web series about two hopeful but misguided entrepreneurs. In a more serious vein, Carmelo Zucco’s The Phoenix is a somber and thought-provoking sci-fi drama about loss and what defines us as human. Dramatic production is also highlighted by John Graham’s Sincerus, a hauntingly beautiful surreal story about trauma, creativity and the power of imagination.

SAW Video members have a history of producing stirring documentaries, and this year is no exception. Eric Archambault’s Playing Field filters the debates surrounding the controversial land-use issues of LeBreton Flats through one man’s memories of childhood. Meanwhile, Craig Allen Conoley’s Husniyah uses the slam poetry of Jamal Rogers to create a warm and touching portrait of home and family life.

Experimental filmmaking is featured in three videos this year. F#)k Those Bouncers by Alex Massaad plays with sound, image and perspective to transform a mundane encounter on the street into something strange and unsettling. Josée Dubeau’s Jeux accelerates and condenses scenes of domestic environments in different playful scenarios, culminating in a sequence shot at IKEA. Memory Palace by Ian Roy uses images of an old dilapidated house in decay as a metaphor for the workings of memory and the power of nature. Both Memory Palace and Sincerus were made with the assistance of SAW Video’s Production Fund. 

A short Q&A with the artists will follow the screening.

RESOLUTION / Annual New works from SAW Video Members

Friday January 18th, 2013

Doors: 7:30pm

Screening : 8pm sharp

Seating is limited; groups looking to sit together should come as early as possible

$5 dollars, advance tickets available at SAW Video and The Manx Pub

Arts Court Theatre (2nd floor)

2 Daly Avenue


Info:  (613) 238-7648 / www.sawvideo.com


Memory Palace - Ian Roy, 2012, 7 min.
The Phoenix - Carmelo Zucco, 2012, 15 min.
Fields of LeBreton Part 1: Playing Field - Eric Archambault, 2012, 13.5 min.
F#)k Those Bouncers - Alex Massaad, 2012, 2 min.
Sincerus - John Graham, 2012, 14 min.
Jeux - Josée Dubeau, 2012, 13 min.
Husniyah - Craig Allen Conoley, 2012, 6 min.
Life Ruiner - Phil Osborne, 2012, 2.5 min.
The Goo Inside: Glimmers - Emily Jeffers, 2012, 2 min.
Lazy Riche$ Episode 4: Cozy Sack - Emily Jeffers & Kimmy Bosch, 2012, 1.5 min.

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