February 3rd, 8pm

Arts Court Theatre, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa

Free Admission (suggested donation $5)

Post Screening Q & A | Reception | DJ

Refreshments | Cash Bar

Featured Artists: Lesley Marshall, Karim Ayari, Eric Walker, Anna Eyler, Alexandra Noble, Miles Rufelds, Philip Rose

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The Work

1. Running For Your LoveTIMEKODE remix Freak Motif feat. Lady C – Lesley Marshall

Lesley Marshall’s music video for the song “Running for Your Love,” a remix produced by Ottawa group TIMEKODE, is a densely layered audio-visual experience, showing newsreel footage of police brutality, staged reenactments of arrests and protests, and images of the Black Lives Matter movement. Amidst this flurry of images, Marshall follows a single jogger in Montreal as she attempts to outrun a constant presence of state-sanctioned violence.


2. Before Me – Karim Ayari

Filmmaker Karim Ayari explores issues of race in his dramatic film “Before Me,” which brings the viewer into the domestic space to follow a young boy named Mathis as he struggles to find acceptance and understanding under the influence of his father’s xenophobic world views.


3. The View from Point Pleasant – Eric Walker

Eric Walker’s “View From Point Pleasant” was shot while the artist was in Halifax, NS on a residency with the Canadian Forces, an opportunity which allowed him to board the warship HMCS Halifax. In this observational video, Walker blends seamlessly with the environment that surrounds him, providing a rare, patient, and occasionally humourous portrait of the crew at sea as they go about their daily routine.


4. How to Explain Love to a Tape Measure – Anna Eyler

 “How to Explain Love to a Tape Measure” is set in a maritime environment, yet one found entirely in virtual space. Mixing computer-generated graphics with preexisting online environments, Eyler presents a series of vignettes that show amorphous, alien, geometric forms copulating strangely with each other in the shallow waters along the coast. The silent animation, which Eyler calls “a nature documentary and a peep show,” challenges the persistence of normative gender and sexual identities found in online environments.

*Eyler’s work will be installed and playing on loop in the Arts Court Theatre studio for the duration of the evening.


5. Taken – Alexandra Noble

Alexandra Noble’s documentary, “Taken” was produced in 2016 through SAW Video’s JumpStart program, which funds and supports filmmakers looking to create their first films. The focus of her first film surrounds one particular supernatural being, Maria Nico, whose activities are inextricably woven into the mythology of a small town on the island of Siquijor, Philippines.


6. Its Mouth Only Grows: Part 1 – Miles Rufelds

In this contemplative work by Miles Rufelds, the viewer encounters a series of objects whose relationships to one another are playfully left open, gently brought together by what Rufelds calls “a vague narrative of discovery, transmutation, and birth.” Dramatically lit fruits, vegetables and machinery coexist in a strange suspended state of fog, mystery and myth.

7. CINEGEL Colour Correction System – Philip Rose

This one-minute silent work by Philip Rose was shot by using a 16mm film camera, a lightbox, and small pieces of colour-correction filters. The result of his rigorous animation process is a dizzying cascade of geometric forms that restlessly interact to produce a whirlwind of psychedelic optical effects.





Lesley Marshall is an award-winning media artist who specializes in promotional media marketing, documentation, music videos, and curation. She has a background in theatre teach, visual arts, and holds a BA in Communications and Media.

Karim Ayari is a young Canadian filmmaker born in Ottawa, Canada. He has degrees in both Communications (University of Ottawa) and radio-broadcasting (La Cité collégiale). Karim’s short films have received several television broadcast credits across Canada.

Eric Walker studied experimental video with Dara Birnbaum at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. His works are held widely in both public and private collections. His media art work has appeared at Images, Toronto and FIFA, Montreal and are distributed by Vtape.

Anna Eyler is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montréal, Québec. Working in performance, new media, and installation, she investigates new forms of subject-hood emerging in our increasingly technologized world. Eyler holds a BA in Religious Studies and Art History from Carleton University (2010) and a BFA from the University of Ottawa (2015).

This docu-journal is Alexandra Noble’s first ever attempt in shooting video, and crafting a documentary. It is the result of a receiving SAW Video’s JumpStart grant where she was introduced to the basics of video production, sound and editing.

Miles Rufelds is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa in 2015. Miles’ practice maintains a formal and conceptual emphasis on video, but branches as well into photography, sculpture, media, and audio.

Philip Rose has been active in the Ottawa/Gatineau media arts community for over twenty years. His single-channel and installation video work has been exhibited in Canada and internationally.


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