Sound/Tracks is a live multi-media spectacle where musicians and media artists join forces to create and perform a series of innovative audiovisual collaborations. Going beyond the confines of conventional music videos and short films, each of the four creative teams featured Sound/Tracks attempt to expand the limits of what live music with video can be, and redefine the very idea of the film soundtrack. Join us at St. Albans on August 1st for this unforgettable event.

Friday, August 1st 2014, Doors: 8pm, Performances: 8:30pm
St. Albans Church, 454 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa
Admission $5
Participating musicians and artists:
Melody McKiver + Phil Osborne
Adam Saikaley + Matthieu Hallé
Her Harbour + Tyler Reekie
Instant Places + Pixie Cram

In RORSCHACH TEST, Phil Osborne will project his trademark style of DIY animation onto two cardboard sculptures placed on either side of the stage while Melody McKiver performs instrumental music for viola, looped and manipulated with effects pedals. As the performance evolves, the animation will also mutate to show planets surrounded by clouds morphing into faces flanked by birds and bolts of lightning.

In SYNAESTHESIA, Adam Saikaley will create music based on pure tones using a no-input mixer, and the sound waves generated during the live performance will interact with a water tank to manipulate Matthieu Hallé's abstract video projections in real time, using a unique system of mirrors, a subwoofer and a ripple tank.

In the performance CENTAUR, Pixie Cram and Instant Places will create an image/sound environment that suggests new lifeforms, hybrids of the natural world and human interaction. New audiovisual 'beings' will be created, through digitally-manipulated 16mm footage of horses with juxtapositions that seem to magically appear between visual events and actions in audio space.

Community partners: 


Sound/Tracks is part of VideoCity at SAW Video. In 2014, SAW Video will devote its entire programming year to celebrating media artists from the Ottawa-Gatineau region, past and present.
Melody McKiver is an Anishinaabe musician, interdisciplinary media artist, and writer based in Ottawa. Melody is Anishinaabe of mixed heritage, with ancestry in Obishikokaang Wemitigoozhiiwitigwaaning Lac Seul First Nation. Melody holds an MA in Ethnomusicology at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (2014) and an Honours BFA in Music, Minor in Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity from York University (2010). Melody’s musical practice spans across viola/violin, drums and percussion, and guitar, drawing upon a broad set of influences that includes hip hop, electronic, contemporary classical, jazz, and blues. Melody works with digital video and photography to capture images of Indigenous resurgence, and uses this footage editorially and within video and sound art.
Phil Osborne started doing animation at SAW Video in 2003 as part of the Youth Program and never stopped making stuff since: toy robots, puppets, comics, screen prints and more. The things he grew up with in the 80s are still a big part of his style: Nintendo, He-Man toys, Thrasher magazine, Mad Magazine, and Topps trading cards. Osborne prefers not to dwell on the meanings behind things as long as they are somehow appealing, and enjoys using a lo-fi aesthetic. His artistic process is subconscious and embraces the accidental.
Adam Saikaley is a musician, composer, broadcaster and DJ. He writes music for solo piano, no-input mixers, and speaker cones. Adam is a member of Silkken Laumann, The Acorn, Fire Coast Acid Club, Ceremony, and plays piano in the Adam Saikaley Trio. He studied piano performance, classical music and sound design at Carleton University. Adam worked as a music producer for CBC Radio 2 from 2008 to 2013. He is currently a freelance musician and DJ, with residencies at Das Lokal, The Manx Pub, and Mugshots.
Matthieu Hallé is a filmmaker currently living in Ottawa. He is the director of the feature film, Margraue (2013), as well as various shorts. He studied film at Concordia in Montreal from 2011-13.
Her Harbour is the moniker of singer-songwriter Gabrielle Giguere. Giguere recorded her new album Winter’s Ghosts in her childhood home over the period of a year. A collection of nine intimate songs touching on loss, heartbreak, family, abuse, mental illness and addictions, Winter’s Ghosts finds Giguere marrying her lyrics and voice to music she crafts blending traditional instruments (autoharp, piano, guitar) with textural elements drawn from vocal layering, vintage keyboards, field recordings and a collection of household objects. Winter’s Ghosts was released on E-Tron Records last spring. Her Harbour’s live performances have since grown to include the likes of Jamie Kronick (drums, percussion), Pierre-luc Clement (guitar, lap steel, percussion, vocals) and Philippe Charbonneau (keyboards, bass synth, vocals).
Tyler Reekie began making films and developing his love for media art centres in Edmonton as a member of FAVA. This led him to study film production at the Mel Hoppenheim school of cinema at Concordia University in Montreal. He continued to work in various positions on sets, directing his own films and working in post-production facilities as an Editor and Assistant Editor. Tyler moved to Ottawa recently and is currently working as a freelance film and video maker, teaching video classes and continuing to explore his passion for film and video. 
Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse (a.k.a. Instant Places) have been creating performances and installations as a team since 1997. In their work Laura and Ian focus on the moment of creation, combining improvised actions with sound and image sequences generated in real time. From 2003—2010 they realized Instant Places projects on location across Canada, Australia, Japan, the United States, and South America. They have been based in Hull, Quebec since 2010.
Pixie Cram is a filmmaker and media artist based in Chelsea. She began working in Super 8 and 16mm film and video in 1999. Her work takes the form of animation, documentary, fiction and installation. Her films have been shown at several festivals in North America including Media City (2010) Antimatter (2010) and the Chicago 8-Fest (2011). Pixie co-founded the Windows Collective (2008), a group devoted to the creation and exhibition of experimental works using film as basis. On top of her own art practice she works as a freelance director, editor and cinematographer.

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