Come and see the final works of SAW Video's SparkLab mentorship program!

Free Admission

The screening will be held at Gallery 101 , 51 B Young Street, Ottawa - the venue is fully accessible

Doors open at 7:30pm, screening at 8pm

new short films by

Chris Binkowski

Nathan Hauch

Kim Kilpatrick & Joan Anderson

Artrude Porte

Mentor: Izabel Barsive

Thanks to: Adrie Sustar, Eric Greer

Funded by:

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The Films

The art of the morning

Nathan Hauch ● 5:00 ● Canada ● 2017 ● Eng. with Eng. Subtitles

A lyrical look at how one person prepares for the day ahead, savouring each moment. 




Bucko - Personal Performance - Chris (Bucko) Binkowski

Personal Performance by Bucko was created with the assistance of SparkLab’s mentorship program. The work consists of two out of six performances captured in a one day shoot at Club SAW. Six friends and family members participated as subjects for the filming.

The artist, Bucko, sits alone in his wheelchair. A single participant enters the frame and sits across from Bucko. The artist and subject are seated intimately close together, looking into each others eyes.  Bucko controls an iPhone application with his stylus to create synthesized music and sounds. The music changes as Bucko improvises in reaction to his subject.

Three cameras are used to capture the performance. One camera shows a wide shot of both artist and subject facing each other. The other two camera angles highlight the faces of each performer respectively. The image alternates between these three views, creating a feeling of intense intimacy. Rembrandt lighting further enhances the mood by illuminating the faces of the performers and casting the background into darkness. 

COFFEE AND CONVERSATION WITH KIM - Kim Kilpatrick and Joan Anderson

Kim and Joan meet for coffee at Joan’s place.  As they enjoy their coffee, they trade light hearted questions about sight and ways of seeing.  Through their conversation, each learns more about the other and their perceptions of seeing, knowing, and perceiving the world around them.



Don't Do It - Artrude Porte - aka avan neo

A story about friendship, where a girl named Stacey is dealing with life and mental health issues. After trying to go about it alone, she then starts to contemplate suicide for the first time. With the help of her best friend Jake, will she be able to talk her out of it?


SparkLab artists volunteers and mentors

Meet the Artists:

For Kim Kilpatrick, weaving words into stories has been important ever since she can remember. Officially, she has been telling stories as a professional for the past ten years. Born blind, Kim uses her art to burst the barriers erected against herself and others with disabilities. She is no polemicist, however, but rather a storyteller who uses her wit and exuberance to demonstrate the palpable joys of her life. She has been a featured performer in a number of Canadian storytelling festivals and appears regularly with the Ottawa Storytellers at the National Arts Centre Fourth Stage.  In addition to storytelling, Kim creates audio soundscapes and co-hosts a radio show on CKCU-FM. She is also a coordinator of the Canadian Council of the Blind’s Get Togeather with Technology program (GTT). Kim is keenly interested on embracing the challenge of making a video.

Joan Anderson (Kim’s Assistant/Helper) is a Canadian sculptor and photographer in the Ottawa area, who has lived and worked in Australia. Joan is proficient in silkscreen printing, graphic art, acrylic painting and silver-smithing.  Joan teaches students with barriers to learning (e.g. brain injury), photography for people who are blind or low vision, and has taught in remote locations including Inuit students on Baffin Island.  Her work expresses her interest in people, places and culture, and captures their essence with imagination, whimsy and elegance.

Bucko (Chris Binkowski)is an Ottawa-based artist who performs and DJs with a mobile sound and light system mounted to his power wheelchair. He started by busking on the street. This led to gigs like Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche 2013 representing the Ottawa Art Gallery and a set at Arboretum Festival in 2014. March 2015 Bucko opened for Rich Aucoin at Ritual in Ottawa. These performances were warmly received by audiences with many moments of one on one connection. Bucko is also an acrylic painter with his latest tapestry-like works spanning over 7 x 9 feet. 

Nathan Hauch has been active in Ottawa's poetry scene, having published in journals such as Bywords.ca.  He was part of the creative team behind “City that Fun Forgot?”, a documentary exploring Ottawa's (undeserved?) reputation as a boring capital, that was released to national media attention in 2014.

Artrude Porte - aka avan neo has been interested in acting and filmmaking since she was a child. Now she has been making her dreams come true by making her very first film. Avan just finished her first year of college doing performance arts, where she learned how to write scripts and preform them. She also has her own youtube channel called avan neo. She posts for an another youtube channel called rooted in rights, where she makes videos about disability in hopes to inform people and help others. Avan also does stand up when she has spare time.




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