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Script to Screen is a seminar-style workshop that looks at the big picture of Film Production, it will provide an overview of what's needed to bring a film from pre-production through to final delivery.  Our focus is on the Director/Producer role, where you're spending as much time on project management and team coordination as you are on the "creative work", and where half the battle is knowing what you don't know.

Examples will be drawn from feature film projects in the “micro-indie” budget range of $20k-80k, where there’s a bit of money but not enough to have a fully paid professional team in place. Concepts learned can be scaled to many budget ranges, and while we are focused on narrative feature film production, much of the content will be applicable to documentary and short filmmakers as well.

Participants who have a project underway or a script in development may benefit by bringing those materials to class, but course content and group work will be equally useful for participants who don't yet have a specific project in mind. Example scenes, breakdowns, budgets, schedules, and footage will be provided by the instructor. 

Course Outline
5 Weekday Evenings
July 16, 17, 23, 24, & 25
6-10pm (each session)


Session 1 - Early Development & Pre-Production: Financing, budgeting, rewriting for logistics, casting


Session 2 - Pre-Production Continues: Script breakdown, crew, locations, scheduling


Session 3 - Production: Team dynamics, crisis and collaboration, getting the performances you need


Session 4 - Post-Production: Honing the story in the edit, keeping the vision through each stage of post


Session 5 - Final Steps: Finishing and delivery, film festivals and distribution



Early Bird Deadline:  Register by June 11 to receive a discount!


  • Workshop Members: $157 [1]   
  • Basic or Production Members: $225
  • Non-members: $250 [2]

Regular Deadline:  Final registration due by July 9  


  • Workshop Member: $192 [1]
  • Basic or Production Members:  $275
  • Non-members:  $300 [2]

[1] 30% Discount
[2] The non-member rate includes a basic membership with SAW Video upon request.




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