Lighting Techniques

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This 6-hour workshop is designed for introductory level media artists and filmmakers who would like to explore using lighting techniques in their independent video projects. It is also open to members of the public wishing to gain basic skills in video production.

This workshop teaches the basics of lighting through hands-on training. Participants will be introduced to common terminology and definitions, and become familiar with the lighting equipment that SAW Video has in its collection, such as KinoFlo fluorescent lights, Arri tungsten fresnel and open face lights, Aputure and LEDGo LED panel lights, Fresnel lights, as well as flags, various kinds of diffusion and gels, and other lighting equipment and accessories.  Participants will also watch short videos and excerpts from films as examples of different types of lighting. 

Participants will be introduced to common lighting techniques such as three-point lighting, side Lighting, back lighting, as well as concepts such as lighting quality: hard light vs. soft light, colour, intensity, high key/low key lighting. The workshop will provide opportunities for hands-on instruction, with lighting exercises simulating varying conditions and situations.  This workshop will also include the use of an HD Camera and an external monitor to view the results of lighting scenarios. 


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SAW Video, Workshop Room
Workshop Dates
Tuesday August 27 2019, 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Wednesday August 28 2019, 6:00 - 9:00 pm
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Photo of Noah Davidson

Noah Davidson is a local business owner and videographer based in Ottawa. His video business focuses on marketing and wedding content. He has a Diploma in Digital Film and Video from the Art Institute of Vancouver.

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Lighting Techniques