Intro to VFX with DaVinci Resolve

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This accessible workshop includes a comprehensive introduction into the Fusion workflow within Davinci Resolve. Over two evenings participants will explore creating animated MoGraph and principal VFX compositing, as well as covering lessons on keying and camera tracking. Understanding the power and flexibility of a nodal workflow is the first step in mastering the world of professional industry post-production software like Fusion, Nuke, Mocha and Natron.  This workshop will focus on the use of RAW 4K footage, 4k workflows, as well as treatment for other video formats.

Workshops Schedule:

Night 1 - Understanding Node Workflow. Mograph and particles.

Night 2 - Green Screen VFX compositing and tracking


Duration in hours
Prerequisite Workshops
Intro to Video Editing w/ DaVinci (Optional)
Maximum Participants
Cost for Members
Cost for Non-Members
SAW Video, Workshop Room
Workshop Dates
Wednesday December 11 2019, 6:00 - 10:00 pm
Thursday December 12 2019, 6:00 - 10:00 pm
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Nate Estabrooks is a graduate of the prestigious Norman Jewison Canadian Film Centre and member of the Director's Guild of Canada. Nate Estabrooks is a workshop instructor with a wide and practical film path to draw from. As a talented feature director, VFX artist and award-winning screenwriter, he is a founding member of Space Tigers Inc, a production pipeline offering VFX and post-production services and continues to develop his toolset through 360 videos, VR storytelling and computer-generated imagery.

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Intro to VFX with DaVinci Resolve