SAW Video Grant Info Session

Join us for our grant info session on Wednesday April 15th from 5:30pm-7:00pm in The Loop. We will provide program overviews for both First Time Video and JumpstART, eligibility requirements and answer questions about the application process. This info session is open to all SAW Video members and members of the arts community of Ottawa.

SAW Video Media Art Centre provides in-kind granting to support independent artistic production for artists working in video and media arts. We have opened up our call for submissions for our two emerging artist granting opportunities, First Time Video and JumpstART! Our First Time Video grant is available to emerging filmmakers who are interested in creating their very first video projects. Our JumpstART grant is SAW Video's longest-standing granting incentive program, providing artists from other disciplines the opportunity to make their first significant video and or media art work. Both granting programs provide the conceptual and technical support necessary for granted artists to successfully complete their works.

For more information on SAW Video’s granting programs and how to apply, click here.


"Wednesdays, Before Piano", naakita feldman-kiss, 2018 (JumpstART program recipient)