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                2015 REGISTRATION FORM                 

Video Camp for Girls

Orientation: Friday Nov. 6

ORC4G/Shooting: Sat./Sun. Nov. 7 & 8

Post Production: Saturday Nov. 14 & 15


This form should be read and signed by both the Video Camp participant and guardian(s).

Extended Application Deadline: Wednesday, Nov 4, 2015 (first come, first serve basis)

1             Complete this Application Form, the attached Photo/Video Release Form, and the attached Assumption of Risk Release Form.

2             Please e-mail your completed forms to: workshops@sawvideo.com


The Video Camp for Girls takes place in association with the Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls (ORC4G) weekend in November 2015. The camp will provide an opportunity for training in basic video production and video editing for participants aged 13-17.  Under the direction of female instructors and mentors who are professionals in the audio/visual production field, the participants will have the opportunity to create their own videos, and to record and edit a live performance of fellow campers in the Ottawa Rock Camp for girls. The campers will retain copies of the final edited pieces which they can then use in a portfolio, on a resume, or to further their own audio/visual skills in an academic setting. This program seeks to remove socio-economic barriers to training for young women in the technical fields of video production and, to that end, the program will be offered free of charge to the participants. Additionally, this program seeks to establish a set of female role models and mentors to young women and students interested in video production in the community of Ottawa. Maximum 9 participants, Ages 13-17.



This Video’s Camp will take place over 2 weekends at 3 different locations in Ottawa.  The first day will take place on Friday Nov. 6, in the evening at Club SAW, and will be an orientation session & film screening with both Video Campers and Rock Campers in attendance.  The following two days (Sat./Sun.) will take place at Capital Recording Studios alongside the Rock Camp.  There will also be a Rock Camp Concert in the evening on Sunday Nov. 8 at the Bronson Centre (Mac Hall).  Post-production (editing) will take place at SAW Video on Saturday & Sunday Nov. 14 & 15, and the program will end with a screening of the films created.     



Basic Information


Name of Participant:________________________________________________

Name of School:____________________________     Grade: _________  Age: ___________   

Name of Parent/Guardian: ___________________________________________

Home Phone: ( _____ ) ________________ Cell Phone: ( _____ ) ________________

Work Phone: ( _____ ) ________________ ext.___________

Parents Email Address:_________________________________________

Participants Email Address:______________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________

City: __________________________ Province: ___________ Postal Code: _______________


Emergency Contacts




Home phone: ( _____ ) ________________

Work/cell phone: ( _____ ) ________________ ext. ______


Dietary Requirements & Medical Concerns

All information collected is for the purposes of ensuring appropriate care and supervision to

the participants in Video Camp.


Any food allergies or concerns we should know about?




Does the student have any medical conditions, allergies, or special needs the staff should know about?



Is the student taking any medications to treat a physical condition?



Photo/Video Release

Over the course of the weekend, there will be instances when photographs and/or videos of your child will be taken. SAW Video would like to be able to use these photos and videos for the strict purpose of promoting and advertising the Video Camp for Girls (e.g. advertising on our website). We ask that you and your child both sign the waiver below thereby allowing SAW Video the right to use these photos for the above purposes.



Print Name of Participant: ________________________________________


Signature: __________________________________________




I certify that I am a custodial parent and have the aforementioned rights to assign.



Print Name of Parent and/or Guardian:__________________________________


Signature: _________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________


City: __________________________


Province: ___________


Postal Code: _________________








Founded in 1981, SAW Video is a not-for-profit, artist-run media art centre that fosters the growth and development of artists through access to equipment, training, mentorship, and programming. Our mission is to support a diverse community of media artists empowered by technology, programming and the exchange of ideas.


Info: www.sawvideo.com







Assumption of Risk Release Form

Saw Video’s Video Camp for Girls

Release of Negligence and Liability Claims/Emergency Treatment Authorization

(If the child/student is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must complete and sign this form for the student to participate in any programs at Video Camp for Girls in Ottawa, Ontario)


Child/Participant name ______________________________________________________________


Emergency telephone number: ( _____ ) ________________


I, _______________________________________, allow my child/student to participate in all

programs of SAW Video’s Video Rock Camp for Girls, and acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the following:

• I understand my (child/student’s) voluntary participation in Video Camp for Girls will

involve activities that will bring me (my child/student) in contact with heavy equipment, electrical

equipment, and musical equipment, within an urban environment. I also understand my (child/student’s) voluntary participation in Video Camp for Girls includes traveling outside,

with the camp, by walking, from the rehearsal space to the concert venue. These activities may

pose risks of injury, or death due to the inherent nature of each activity. I attest that I fully

understand the risks and dangers associated with participation in the camp, and understand that

the risks and dangers may be caused by my (child/student’s) own actions or inaction. I fully

accept and assume all risks and responsibilities for losses, costs, and damages arising from my

(my child/student’s) participation in these activities.

• I voluntarily agree to indemnify and hold harmless the staff of the SAW Video, Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls, Capital Rehearsal Studios, the showcase venue and its owners and employees, from any claims, suits, or actions of any nature which are in any way connected with participation in any and all activities related to the camp. I understand that this Assumption of

Risk/Release of Negligence and Liability Claims form binds the child/student’s family, heirs,

executors, administrators, and assignees, as well as myself.

• In case of emergency, accident, illness, or other incapacity occurring while under the camp’s

authority, I give my permission to be treated (or to have my child/student treated) by medical

professionals and admitted to the hospital if necessary. I further recognize that I am responsible

for all incidental medical or emergency expenses incurred on my (or my child/student’s) behalf

for injuries incurred while under the camp’s authority.

• I agree that I (my child/student) will follow all camp rules and will remain within the parameter of camp activities at all times.

• I have read this agreement, understood that I am giving up substantial rights by signing it, and

signed it freely and voluntarily.



Signature _________________________________                               Date: _________________

(Parent or Guardian must sign if the Camper is under the age of 18)



Student Signature __________________________                                Date__________________

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