HDSLR Camera Clinic

Canon 5D Mark III

Since Canon's release of its 5D Mark II in 2008, handheld DSLR technology has most certainly revolutionized the world of independent digital cinema.  The opportunity for lower budget productions to shoot HD video on a camera with a large sensor and interchangeable lenses at a fraction of the usual cost was a major game changer.   DSLR for video has remained popular, but there are some considerations that must be taken into account before going ahead with a DSLR shoot. 

Which lenses do I use to create the desired depth of field?  How do I shoot outside without built in ND filters?  Should I just shoot everything flat and then colour grade in post?  Is recording unbalanced audio in-camera really that big of a deal?  These are all questions that will be addressed in this comprehensive 6 hour clinic.    

Participants will learn specific operations and functions of the Cannon 5D Mark III, such as ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Iris, Focus, Recording Formats, as well as how to work with picture profiles, dual system audio recording and post production workflows. This Workshop will also demonstrate how to use the 5D with some of SAW Video's compatible production accessories such as the Cinevate matte-box, follow-focus,  and different types of camera lenses.

Duration in hours
Prerequisite Workshops
Introduction to Video Production or demonstrated knowledge of video production
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