"Lifelines" is a digital video depicting a protagonist's moment of transition - in walking away from the abusive confines of one life and starting a new one filled with both promise and uncertainty. Using only image and music, it distills the essence of this dramatic arc in 60 seconds as it seeks to convey a meaning beyond what words can adequately describe. The challenge of this work was to portray a dramatic arc in about 60 seconds using no more than three hours of shooting (using a Canon XL-1 rental from SAW) and three hours of editing (on SAW's Avid Express System).

Alison Chung-Yan
City, Province
Ottawa, ON

Alison Chung-Yan is a composer and media artist based in Ottawa, Canada. She has scored music for independent films which have premiered at the National Arts Centre and on the WTN Network. She is currently creating interactive sound art installations for galleries and the internet.

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