Originally set to epic music by Hollywood composer Jerry Goldsmith, this now silent drama is one of Adornato's first self-produced videos. Set in London, in Adornato's art studio at Fanshawe (Pre-NSCAD), the goal of this video was to depict his interests early in his creative career. A gem in his video production collection; note that he includes his robotic sculptures, animal hybrids, his pre-Mabus gas mask outfit, as well as his personal desires of technological integration/evolution of the human body. Visit Adornato's website to view his latest videos. (www.humanhybridmedia.com)

Marc Adornato
City, Province
Ottawa, ON

Based in Ottawa, Marc Adornato (BFA) makes art works in a variety of mediums including video, audio, performance, and kinetic sculptures. Focusing on Cloning, Genetic Engineering, Politics, and Technology; Adornato's work explores the social and political ramifications of his Historical era. (www.humanhybridmedia.com)

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