This is a trailer of a long-term, muti-segment series of shorts that are still in production today! Mabus: Leader of the 'None of the Above' Party, is a pro-cloning Canadian politician, who uses propaganda and guerilla tactics to try and take over the world. Staring Adornato as Mabus, and Wilkinson as his sidekick Sirus, these two have been making these guerilla style performance/productions since Y2K night in Ottawa, and have continued to shoot segments across Canada. This video has since been modified and improved. Please visit Adornato's website to view a newer version of this video, as well as many other new videos. (

Marc Adornato
City, Province
Ottawa, ON

Based in Ottawa, Marc Adornato (BFA) makes art works in a variety of mediums including video, audio, performance, and kinetic sculptures. Focusing on Cloning, Genetic Engineering, Politics, and Technology; Adornato's work explores the social and political ramifications of his Historical era. (

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