An experimental portrait of a place, Scotland. You are looking for something. What you find is something else. "Stravaig / Errance" (Gaelic for wandering) is techno tourism of a personal nature. Forrest visits a Scotland that only she may show us. The artist is an informed tourist with a curious eye. The viewer is lead, but there is no sense that the artist holds to a definitive way to see/record. Travelogues are referenced in "Stravaig," but their form is never embraced. This is not tourism, but memory and sense. Forrest looks beyond the architecture and must see sights of the place(s) to unearth an ethereal essence of space/time.

Nikki Forrest
City, Province
Montreal, QC

Nikki Forrest, Born in Scotland, lives and works in Montreal. A graduate in Fine Arts, Open Media from Concordia University, she is a curator and video artist working in the medium since 1990. (

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