Out In Focus

Curated by Talia Golland, “Out In Focus” is an online program of short films from SAW Video’s Mediatheque archive that feature LGBTQ content and themes. Released in conjunction with 2017 Ottawa Capital Pride, this aesthetically diverse selection of videos, produced between 1996 and 2002, represents the intersection between LGBTQ history, community, and creativity and SAW Video’s rich history of innovative video art. Featuring experimental and narrative short filmmaking, musical comedy, autobiography, poetic documentary, and fantasy, “Out In Focus” provides a retrospective glimpse into independent Canadian contributions to queer cinema, and serves as a celebration of the diversity of identities and experiences of this organization’s membership throughout the years.

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Luc Desjardins, 2002


Anne Golden, 1998

Pieces of Her Become You

Marika Jemma, 1996

The Toilet Suite

Carl Stewart, 1999

Lesbian Fairytale

Kerry Campbell, 2001

Power Plays

Curated by Christopher Rohde, Power Plays is a curated online selection of short video works by local artists and SAW Video members past and present, looking at how technology is currently diversifying and accelerating. This diverse programme features a blend of animation, live image mixing, re-appropriated videogame imagery and docu-journalism that reflects the mediated landscape around us. Each of these four artists gives a unique perspective on new technologies, particularly media technologies, and the degree to which they can be empowering for both individuals and communities, while also reflecting critically on its limitations and the structures of power and control in society that continue to dictate how technology is used, by whom, and for what.

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A Night At Home (streaming unavailable) Rehab Nazzal    

The Story of Apanatschi and Her Redheaded Wrestler

Bear Witness        


Josée Dubeau      

dead end job

Ryan Stec

Video Cache

Curated by Penny McCann, Video Cache is a digital video screening comprised of ten works from the original SAW Video Mediatheque launched in 2004. Video Cache was presented in November, 2010 at Montreal's Groupe Intervention Vidéo as part of Wayward, a collaborative project by Mél Hogan and Nikki Forrest. Wayward is Hogan's doctoral research creation play space, and Forrest's experimental playground for situating art in relation to the web.

Videos | Essay | Catalogue (PDF)

Ask Me

Carol Beecher    

Mr. Rogers' Vacation

Jake Hanna/Ryan Stec        


Riley Rempel      

Fire and Ice

Dan Sokolowski

Teleculture, the Teleculture

Chris Mullington


Tim Dallett/Phil Rose/Thomas McIntosh


Eric Walker

Damn Near Killed Him

Tony Asimakopoulos

(X) trace

Phil Rose

Hello Ingmar

Gunilla Josephson



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