On Friday, January 13th, join us for SAW Video’s first event of 2012, RESOLUTION, our annual screening of new work. There’s something for everyone in this year’s showcase of new short works by our coveted members, the driving force of our centre.

Dance and performance are highlighted in two videos: Izabel Barsive’s Patsy, which uses dance to express one woman’s troubled inner struggle with alcoholism and age, and Tim Smith’s Wander, in which choreographer Robert John van der Dolder performs a unique dance through the haunting ruins of an abandoned hospital in Germany. Both Ian Roy’s This is a Story by Ian Roy and Lesley Marshall’s + (aka. Crossroad) take an innovative approach to storytelling, pushing the limits of narrative through post-modern self-awareness and mind-bending twists in time. 

The screening also highlights Ottawa’s talented experimental videomakers. Local performance art-star Theo Pelmus’ video I Don’t’ Know Why… uses a plastic Pinocchio doll as a starting point for questioning what makes us human; Gail Bourgeois, branches out from visual art into video with Uncanny Summer Sun, a piece about the deceptive nature of memory. John Graham’s Move shows the influence of experimental cinema in its surreal depiction of the dream life of a coma patient, portrayed through visually striking stop-motion animation. 

Documentary production is also showcased via Howard Adler’s Rally for Awareness, which turns a compassionate eye to the problem of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. Craig Conoley’s Poetry in Motion, takes a spoken-word performance by poet Brandon Wint and transforms it into a potent metaphor for urban life through a powerful split-screen technique.

A short Q&A will follow the screening.


Screening details

Friday, January 13th, 2012
Screening: 7:30pm
Reception to follow 
Arts Court Theatre 2 Daly Ave. (2nd floor)
Admission: $5

Screening List

Move / John Graham / 8 min.
Uncanny Summer Sun / Gail Bourgeois / 1:30 min
Patsy / Izabel Barsive / 13 min.
This Is a Story by Ian Roy /  Ian Roy / 3 min.
Rally for Awareness / Howard Adler / 12 min.
Wander / Tim Smith / 15 min.
I Don’t Know Why… / Theo Pelmus / 5 min.
Poetry in Motion / Craig Conoley / 6 min.
+  / Lesley Marshall / 8 min.

72 minutes total




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