SAW Video’s ambitious video commissioning project, Public Domain, will continue its national and international tour, travelling to five cities in 2012 and 13.

With the support of a grant from the Canada Council Media Arts Commissioning program, in 2009 SAW Video commissioned seven accomplished media artists working in Canada to create new video works using public domain films and videos footage in the Film/Video/Sound Collection of the Library and Archives Canada. The result is Public Domain, a programme of six new videos which premiered in Ottawa in 2010 and has toured in 2011 across North America and the United Kingdom.

The artists chosen to participate in the Public Domain project bring a range of approaches and artistic styles. While some highlight the fragility and disappearance of images, others focus on its renaissance by recontextualising it. All bring new life and context to images from another time.

Each night of the tour, one Public Domain artist will be on hand to discuss their work and the project with audience members.

The Public Domain book, SAW Video’s first full-length publication, will be available for purchase at each event.

TOUR 2012 / 13

February 18th , 2012

Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge Ontario

with Christopher Rohde

March 15th, 2012

Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Centre

New Orleans, Louisiana

with Christopher Rohde and Ryan Stec & Véronique Couillard

March 17th, 2012

Eyedrum Arts Centre

Atlanta, Georgia

with Christopher Rohde

April 10th, 2012

Centre for Art Tapes

Halifax, Nova Scotia

with Suzan Vachon & Mireille Bourgeois

February 26, 2013

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre

Kingston, Ontario

with Christopher Rohde

+ new date(s) to be confirmed



Sara Angelucci (Toronto)

Maureen Bradley (Victoria)

Gennaro de Pasquale (Montreal)

Steve Reinke (Chicago/Toronto)

Ryan Stec and Véronique Couillard (Ottawa)

Suzan Vachon (Montreal)


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